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How to Make $1,100.00 with Adsense in Just Two Weeks

How to Make $1,100.00 with Adsense in Just Two Weeks

[ADVANCED] [CASE STUDY] How to Make $1,100.00 with Adsense in Just Two Weeks (without SEO, without backlinks, and without an email list)

How to Make $1,100.00 with Adsense methods that are for beginners and newbies, but recently we had a handful of requests for more advanced methods.

Methods that could potentially make anywhere from $6,000, $10,000 to up to $50,000-$100,000 per month.

The following premium Adsense method/case study is a REAL LIFE EXAMPLE.

Meaning, there’s no theory, no guessing, no made up numbers like you see on most crappy products released nowadays.

In fact, we personally followed the exact case study and made an easy Adsense income rather quickly.

We will talk about that later in this post.

Before we get into the details, I’m sure you are interested in seeing the numbers first.

Let me show you an example of just ONE post-earnings.

This was over a 2-week span.

This one simple 10 min to setup blog post made over $1,100 in just two weeks.


If you look at the first URL channel you will see that it got 91,064 visitors and 10,666 clicked on an ad which resulted in earning $3,140 on that post.

The person that documented this case study paid 3 cents per visitor from two networks (we will disclose later in this post) at a cost of $2,731.00.

That left him with a profit of $409.00 from Adsense alone.

This is awesome because he also had two other monetization strategies on this page that made the rest of the profit.

As you can see on Average 7.16% of people who visit the site clicks on a widget story which earns $0.11 per click.

So, from the first post, we can say that 7.16% of the 91,064 people clicked on widget which is 6,370 clicks and earned 11 cents each for a total of $700.00

This made $400.00 profit on Adsense and $700.00 on widget plus a little bit on other monetization networks for a total of around $1,100.00

That’s not bad for a post that took 10 minutes to create.

Now, he has a lot of other posts running as well.

Using this exact strategy that you are about to discover, the author grew his site to $6K profit per month within 3 months.

Of course, legally we can not promise that you will achieve the exact numbers.

But potentially you can expect to start making $50 – $100 per day virtually from day one and then grow the site over time to earn much more than that.

In fact, lots of people are earning hundreds of thousands per month with this method and some even millions.

The beauty of this system is that you can set it up and then only spend about 45 minutes a day on the site.

When you start to make money from the site you can just outsource all of the work and sit back watching your business grow pretty much by itself.

The Exact Method

Modify your title here. You can also upload your own picture.


When you are done, click on “Submit for Approval”.

Your ad will be in the pending mode.

It takes up to 24 to approve your ad.

When approved, you will see traffic coming in instantly.

Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and make the titles as catchy as possible.

Do the same thing with the image. Upload at least 2 catchy images for your article.

It’s because you will be able to split test and see which ad is getting more clicks.

Remember, more clicks = cheaper cost per click.

How to Get Free Traffic?

Can you start with free traffic?


If you have a full access to our premium posts, make sure to check the “[Case Study] How we got 329 Free (Instant) Clicks in just Two Hours and Made an Easy $11.12 with Adsense (by a complete accident)” where you will discover how we got 329 free clicks in just 2 hours to our viral content website.

However, with paid traffic, you will be able to weed out winners and losers faster.


There are a couple of pointers before we wrap this up.

First, before you start buying traffic make sure that you have a content that is worth sharing. Otherwise, you will just blow up money.

Second, having Adsense ads as the only monetization method usually is not enough. You want to get your site approved at least on one of the Native Ad Networks as a publisher and include a widget on your website.

Third, make sure you have Social Sharing Buttons visible and have a strong call to action to share the content.

Fourth, make sure to use pagination (next and previous buttons) to increase page views.

Fifth, test, test, test. Not every post will be a winner. But when you find one – scale up like crazy and squeeze as much money as you can.

Hope you enjoyed

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