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Android Offline eBook App
Codecanyon Android App Template with Direct download Link.

Android Offline eBook App
Codecanyon Android App Template for free


Android Offline eBook App

Book App

Just replace your data to the database and beautiful native android book app ready with the following feature.


  • ✓ Offline reading, allowing it to work without an internet connection
  • ✓ Multi-language making it accessible to majority of users
  • ✓ Support Text Marker
  • ✓ Underline Text
  • ✓ Put Notes on Text
  • ✓ Change Text Colour to suit environment and preference
  • ✓ Change Font Size for ease of reading
  • ✓ Bookmark for easy retrieval and reference
  • ✓ Add & Manage Notes
  • ✓ Search facilities
  • ✓ Brightness
  • ✓ Indicator
  • ✓ Firebase Notification
  • ✓ Admob

How will this code help you?

You can make a spiritual/religious app, country-wise law app, the educational book even you can write your own book and publish on the play store.

You Will Get:

  • Android source code.
  • Full Document of project that explain step by step process.

We will provide basic project setup process service but if you need additional help then that service will be chargeable.

Android Offline eBook App
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Android Offline eBook App
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