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Appointly – Perfex CRM Appointments
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Appointly – Perfex CRM Appointments
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Appointly – Perfex CRM Appointments

NOTE: This is not a standalone appointments module, module requires Perfex CRM application version 2.4.1 installed, this is a module for Perfex CRM.


Introduction to Appointly – Appointments module for Perfex CRM


Appointly is a module for Perfex CRM that you can schedule appointments to your CRM and schedule also from external forms on multiple websites and manage your Appointments with ease, the module is designed for fast creating appointments to ease your communication with your contacts and also you can include staff as attendees, subject, description, date and time and many other features.

Appointly can be connected with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar each separate user will be able to login to his own Google or Outlook calendar and directly manage appointments to both calendars, create, update and delete.

Appointly offers users to add request appointment form to any of your websites and clients can directly ask for an appointment.Appointments can be created with a specific start time and location with option to include Internal, External Contact or Lead and also include staff as attendees. The module is flexible with simple nice looking design and easy to use. Offers options as External Form can be embed(added) to any website, Internal, Internal Contact, External Contact, Lead, Email and SMS Notifications, Name, Email, Location, Approve Appointment, Cancel Appointment (Reason), Confirm as Finished and many more other features to come.

Appointly also includes extra option Callbacks that is new feature in Appointly where external clients or internal can request a callback from your company, because not all clients are located in the same country as we work in. The module also have support for Recurring Appointments

Callbacks can be managed from admins or responsible person for callbacks callbacks assignee’s can be assigned to manage an individual callbacks and take notes. This option can be enabled / disabled per your needs. Custom Fields, Email Tracking, and Feedback’s are also available for Appointment from version 1.1.4 which also support live notification and email templates.


  • Google Calendar API (One way Sync)
  • Google Meet Integration
  • Invite Client and Staff to Google Meet (via email) with custom message
  • Outlook Calendar API (One way Sync)
  • Past Appointments
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Request a Callback
  • External leads / clients can requests callbacks
  • Callbacks assignee’s
  • Callbacks notes
  • Custom Fields
  • Email Tracking
  • Convert to task (can be related to Project, Invoice, Customer, Estimate, Contract, Ticket, Expense, Lead and Proposal)
  • Convert to lead
  • Appointment Feedback’s. Clients with finished appointments can add feedback rating and comment. Staff can request a feedback.
  • Embed (iFrame) form to any of your websites (can be added to multiple websites)
  • Staff permissions ( View-Global, View-Own, Edit, Delete )
  • Live push notifications (Reminders, New Appointment, Appointment Cancelled, Request Cancellation, Updated, Feedback notifications, Callbacks notifications)
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Google Calendar API
  • Today’s Appointments Calendar sync
  • Option to Edit Appointment
  • Option to Delete Appointment
  • Option to Cancel appointment
  • Option set default table filter
  • Option set clients to book appointments logged in or before login
  • Calendar type events
  • Appointment Notes
  • Appointment Types
  • Calendar type color events in staff and clients area
  • Books appointments directly from customers area
  • General appointment view
  • General appointment view separate for external public client url client (hashed and unique)
  • General appointment view separate for internal staff private CRM url attendee
  • Assign Multiple Staff Attendees
  • Internal Appointment (Contacts)
  • Internal Appointment (Leads)
  • External Appointment
  • External iFrame Form (Contact)
  • SMS Notifications and Notification reminders
  • Email Notifications and email reminders
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Send Early Reminder
  • Access Logs
  • Reschedule appointment (Mark as Ongoing)
  • Email Templates
    • Appointment Approved to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment Approved to (Contact)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Contact)
    • Appointment reminder to (Staff and Attendees)
    • Appointment reminder to (Contact)
    • Callbacks Assigned to (Staff)
    • New Callback to (Staff)
    • Feedback received to (Staff)
    • Feedback updated to (Staff)
  • SMS Templates
    • Note: Make sure that all your SMS templates in Setup->Setting->SMS are filled with some content as given in the example below or SMS will not be sent if your SMS template is empty.
    • Appointment Approved to (Contact)
    • Appointment Cancelled to (Contact)
    • Appointment Reminder to (Contact)
    • SMS Action hooks
  • Dashboard Today’s Appointments Widget
    • Add today’s appointments widget to your dashboard
  • All your appointments are shown and synced with your calendar
    • Directly open appointment from calendar
    • Calendar colored events
  • Flexible date and time manipulation
    • Busy hours and dates indicator
    • Also available in external form
  • Email and SMS notifications :
    • Send Email and SMS notifications to contact / attendees on creation, approval or editing existing appointment
    • Email Templates for Appointments (translate ready)
    • Custom content and subject
    • Custom Fields
    • Feedback’s
    • Callbacks
    • Custom admin email templates and SMS
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Appointment Cancellation
    • HTML content via Tiny MCE editor in Email Templates
    • Custom statuses for different status of appointments : pending, approved, cancelled, confirmed, upcoming
    • Template merge fields, in SMS and Email templates
    • Action Hooks
  • Table Filters
    • All
    • Approved
    • Not Approved
    • Cancelled
    • Finished
    • Upcoming
    • Missed
    • Recurring
    • Lead
    • Internal Staff
  • Live Search, Live Search Leads
  • Source: eg. Internal (Contact) / External / Lead (Can be marked as External from Inside CRM or External Contact from any website you added Appointly embed form)
  • Appointment due date pointers
  • Appointment busy dates pointers (can be disabled)
  • Responsive Bootstrap Layout
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Brazil and Polish
  • Translate ready

Screenshots Overview

Appointment Dashboard Widget

Appointment Calendar

Table View

Appointment Settings

New Appointment

New Lead Appointment

Appointment View

Edit Appointment / Convert to Task / Lead

Email Tracking, Custom Fields

Convert to Lead

Appointment Cancelled

Appointment External iFrame Form

Appointment Google Meet

Past Appointments

Appointment Public URL




Mobile Ready


Version 1.2.0 20/11/2021

  • New: Edit button to edit the appointment when located in single appointment view
  • New: Google Maps Embed API in Appointment Overview, documentation included
  • Added: New language Turkish 99% Translated
  • Updated: Module PHP 8 Compatibility
  • Updated: Google API
  • Updated: German Language translated 99%
  • Updated: Item Documentation/li>
  • Minor Fix: Issue with calendar sometimes fetching incorrect / empty data from database.
  • Various: Code improvements, optimizations

Version 1.2.0 07/04/2021

  • Added: Admins and Responsible person can now see all appointments in calendar
  • Added: In Appointment Overview included Customer (Company name and link)
  • Improved: Compatibility with Office Theme, Light Theme and Dark Theme
  • Updated: Appointments link in customers area now have proper menu icon
  • Updated: Compatibility with Perfex CRM latest version 2.8.4
  • Fixed: Bug with module updates, sometimes column was not adding in database
  • Fixed: Bug with hours button dropdown in Appointly settings
  • Fixed: Minor issue with language characters due to DOMDocument extension not converting to UTF-8

Version 1.1.9 09/05/2021

  • New: Added new feature Recurring Appointments (Creates Google appointment also)
  • New: Added new feature to create internal meetings with Staff Members
  • Added: New feature to create appointment directly from leads view [See note below]
  • Added: New feature to create appointment directly from staff view [See note below]
  • Added: New feature to create appointment directly from contacts view [See note below]
  • Added: Two new email templates for recurring
  • Updated: French Language is now 99% translated
  • Changed: Due to request of clients table filters now can be used each filter separately
  • Modified: Ordered appointments by descending order (Newest at top) by default
  • Improved: In appointment summaries labels can be clicked to directly show selected value
  • Improved: Changed default table filter to all
  • Fixed: Issue when appointment is marked as cancelled or finished it still send reminders
  • Fixed: Minor bug fix only inactive contacts where shown in dropdown
  • Various: CSS / JS Stability improvements
  • NOTE: In order buttons for creating direct appointments for Staff, Leads and Contacts DOMDocument(dom) extension must be loaded and Perfex CRM version 2.8.0 or above
    Changed minor UI / UX Styling

Version 1.1.8 08/02/2021

  • Added: New link to open external form directly from sidebar menu
  • Added: Top bar menu on clients side on schedule appointment form
  • Added: Focus effects on callbacks form show/hide
  • Updated: Portuguese language
  • Updated: Google Calendar API documentation
  • Fixed: Issue with busy dates on clients side
  • Fixed: When appointment was approved sometimes table was not reloaded
  • Fixed: Minor issue with phone required field in external form
  • Fixed: External form redirect on success is now shown after scheduling
  • Various CSS / HTML improvements

Version 1.1.7 10/14/2020

  • Added: Option to directly open customer from appointment view
  • Added: Option to directly open lead from appointment view
  • Updated: (Google Client Updated) – Google API new updates to support Google Meet (Hangouts Meet) creation while new appointment is created.

Version 1.1.6 09/24/2020

  • New: Fully redesigned and refactored the code for tables functionality and looks, more like Perfex CRM UI / UX
  • Added: New language Spanish
  • Added: Option to use multiple filters
  • Added: Status dropdown, now users can directly change the status from the appointments table
  • Updated: French language updated and translated 99%
  • Fixed: Appointment and Callbacks date sorting
  • Fixed: Date formats bug for Outlook API, now all date formats are supported
  • Fixed: When new external appointment is submitted if option automatically approve appointment is set now client will receive email notification
  • Removed: Delete button removed from appointment single view due to better module functionality, now is shown in table view
  • Improvements: Various improvements and fixes

Version 1.1.5 06/18/2020

  • New: Added Google Calendar Meet functionality for clients and staff
  • New: Option to send email to client to request to meet via Google Meet – Can send custom email message via modal
  • New: Outlook Calendar API Integration
  • New: Sync – Update, Delete and Create Outlook appointments
  • New: Outlook calendar link in appointments table
  • New: Added past / finished appointments history page with separate notes tab so staff can manage appointment notes easily, request feedback’s etc…
  • Added: New action hook for custom SMS messages after new appointment is submitted via external form
  • Added: New action hook for custom header for callbacks form
  • Added: If client is logged in when navigate to appointments from data will be auto filled
  • Added: If client is logged in after appointment submission will be redirected to clients area
  • Added: Back to dashboard button for logged in clients
  • Added: New filters statuses Upcoming and Missed
  • Added: New language Dutch fully translated
  • Updated: French language was 85% translated now 100%
  • Improved: Create modal is now wider for better UX
  • Fixed: Client cancellation modal toggle issue
  • Improvements: UI/UX

Version 1.1.4 03/22/2020

  • New: Added Custom Fields support in admin and appointments external form area
  • New: Added Email Tracking (is appointment email to client read or not read), applies for appointment approved email
  • New: Added Feedback and comments for finished appointment
  • New: Added Feedback custom statuses, min 1 – total 7 (can be translated)
  • New: Email templates for appointments feedback’s, New feedback Received, Existing feedback Updated, Request feedback from client
  • New: Added option to Convert and relate appointment to Lead
  • New: Added option to Convert and relate appointment Task from appointment (can be related to Project, Invoice, Customer, Estimate, Contract, Ticket, Expense, Lead and Proposal)
  • Fixed: Appointments->Settings minor fix when there is no staff members added
  • Fixed: Bug when updating internal appointment to Google Calendar attendees (was not updated properly)
  • Fixed: Minor fix in when appointments are exported initiated by heading if created by admin name was shown in list
  • Improved: Fully refactored responsible person permissions for Appointments, now responsible person will have full permissions over appointments, except delete permissions that will be require as added from permissions.

Version 1.1.3 03/01/2020

  • New: Callbacks feature for Appointly
  • New: Callbacks email templates and live notifications
  • New: Callbacks assignee’s
  • New: Callbacks Responsible Person
  • New: Callbacks notes
  • New: Appointments reCAPTCHA
  • New: Added option to disable / enable Appointments busy times
  • New: Added new email template / feature so responsible person will receive email when new appointment is submitted via external form
  • Fixed: Applied date time fix for specific date format time zones

Version 1.1.2 02/13/2020

  • Fixed: minor fix with language files

Version 1.1.1 02/13/2020

  • New: Google Calendar API Integration
  • New: Options to add appointment to own Google Calendar (separate for each staff member) (Requires Google Authenticated)
  • New: Options when appointment is updated or deleted will be also applied directly in your Google Calendar (Requires Google Authenticated)
  • New: Google Calendar busy dates shown with yellowish color
  • New: Option to add own booking hours (Admin)
  • New: Option to disable weekends (Admin)
  • New: Option to enable hours buffering (Admin)
  • New: Option to auto approve external appointments (Admin)
  • New: Appointment types (if any) are now shown in clients external form
  • New: Feature if appointment is in my Google Calendar will be shown as icon link in dashboard (Only for own appointments, requires Google authenticated)
  • New: Google busy date / time are now synced from Google Calendar API (Requires Google Authenticated)
  • New: Added option to click SMS or Email and call or send SMS in appointment single view appointment
  • New: Added option to click client address and separately open in Google Maps in appointment single view
  • Improved: UI / UX
  • Changed: Reversed font back to Roboto
  • Updated: French and Portuguese language to full translation
  • Fixed: Busy hours not always shown minor bug
  • Fixed: Reminders feature minor bug
  • Fixed: Appointment cancellation description not included in staff view after client requested cancellation, fixed minor bug when client is trying to cancel an appointment there is no response

Version 1.1.0 01/22/2020

  • New: Added busy dates (booked hours) lookup in clients external form and calendar language
  • New: Customers can book appointments if not logged in from customers area (Admin can enable disable this option)
  • New: Customers can book appointments when logged in from customers area (Admin can enable disable this option)
  • New: Added meeting notes with Tiny MCE editor, option to upload images.
  • New: Added new option to set default table filter (per user)
  • New: Added new option Appointments Summary can be enabled or disabled (per user)
  • New: Added staff roles in appointment external clients view
  • New: Added new option Send Early Appointment reminders Email and SMS (Can be reused per your needs)
  • New: Appointment Types (Option to create custom appointment types)
  • New: Appointment types will be shown in staff and clients calendar (own if not Admin)
  • New: Added new languages German, French, Italian, Portuguese Brazil and Polish
  • Improved: Changed date format for all appointments according to default date format due to better and global readability for all clients. Date format is in Setup->Settings->Localization
  • Improved: Added half hours to already existing booking hours
  • Fixed: Notification not send always when creating internal meeting

Date published 01/13/2020

Initial release compatible with latest version of Perfex CRM 2.4.1 and PHP 7.X.X

Appointly – Perfex CRM Appointments
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Appointly – Perfex CRM Appointments
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