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Aquaria contact form builder 5
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Aquaria contact form builder 5
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Aquaria contact form builder 5

Aquaria contact form builder

With this application you can build forms & integrate it into your server easily.

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Application advantages

  • Easy installation
  • Fully functional live preview (using iframe)
  • Debug mode. You can see what you will receive
  • Save and load project files
  • Existing form html and settings can be changed easily
  • Admin error notifications
  • One click and form is ready
  • Fast and simple
  • Custom font and input options
  • Custom error messages
  • Unlimited colors
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • 600+ Icons
  • 80 languages for date & time picker
  • Clean code
  • No page reload (ajax technique)

Form advantages

  • Works on both php and html pages (integration possible)
  • Minimalistic, modern and powerful
  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Protection (captcha ready)
  • No page reload (ajax technique)
  • Supports all major browsers (IE9+, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)

Used libraries

  • jQuery v3.2.1
  • Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • Font Awesome v4.7.0
  • Bootstrap-datetimejs 4.17.47


Change Log

9 November 2017 – Version 5.4

  • New feature: Save & load project file
  • New feature: SMTP mail sending option
  • New feature: Admin error notifications
  • New feature: Form html and settings code now easily accessible (Copy and Paste)
  • New feature: Redirect option after successful form submit
  • New feature: New Module: Hidden input field
  • Fixed: Error without any text information bug
  • Fixed: Sometime form brakes
  • Updated libraries
  • And other improvements and bug fixes

30 March 2015 – Version 5.2

  • New feature: New Module: Upload file
  • New feature: New Module: Multi language Bootstrap date & time picker
  • New feature: New Module: Checkboxes
  • New feature: New Module: Radio buttons
  • New feature: New Modules: Paragraph, Separator
  • New feature: Demo mode (you can see what you will receive)
  • New feature: Multiple recipients: Cc and Bcc
  • New feature: Client email field “From, Reply-To”
  • Changed: Success notification with Bootstrap modal
  • Fixed: Captcha now removable
  • Fixed: Captcha reset bug
  • And other improvements

27 January 2015 – Version 5.0

  • New feature: Module builder (inputs can be added)
  • New feature: New Modules: Title, Email, Single line text, Select drop-down, Multi-line text
  • New feature: Module position (drag and drop interface)
  • New feature: Module length
  • New feature: each input validation and error massages
  • New feature: Icon changer
  • Improved: Form input styles

21 November 2014 – Version 1.0

  • First release of Aquaria Contact Form Builder

Aquaria contact form builder 5
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Aquaria contact form builder 5
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