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Beauty Monde – Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template
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Beauty Monde – Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template
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Beauty Monde – Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template

Modern Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template

The beauty salon HTML5 website template provides a wide range of tools for easy web development. Nowadays having a well-designed websitу is the first step to online success. And for beauty & spa salons, this is quite important. However, building such a site requires a professional approach. No wonder that many companies choose web studios and developers to build impressive and original sites from scratch.

Still, this isn’t always affordable. That’s why smaller salons tend to use HTML5 website templates. They are reasonably priced and available to everyone. Based on Bootstrap 5 framework, such solutions are also highly responsive and easy to maintain. They allow you to create a professionally designed website without paying for expensive web design services. If you are looking for such a solution for your beauty salon website, our new template has just what you need.

Feature-Rich HTML5 Solution for Spa Salons

The Beauty Monde beauty salon HTML5 website template provides a modern design combined with a spacious layout. It suits a variety of beauty industry websites. You may even use it to improve an already existing website. It has lots of space for any kind of content. From texts to videos, it has lots of space for advertising the services you provide. Moreover, the template comes with a wide range of various features. They are designed to enhance and improve the reliability of your site:

  • W3C valid coding;
  • SCSS & Pug source files;
  • Google Fonts & Google Maps;
  • Cross-browser support;
  • Smooth CSS3 animations and transitions.

Aside from these features, our beauty salon HTML5 website template offers a wide range of other benefits. They include sliders that allow making your website more informative. You can easily embed any video to let your visitors view a presentation of your beauty salon. Moreover, our solution includes a variety of well-animated galleries with smooth hovers. And the detailed footers and headers will provide great navigation to your potential clients.

Multipage HTML5 Beauty Salon Template

Like many other solutions our team has created, the Beauty Monde beauty salon HTML5 website template is multipage. It includes a variety of flawlessly designed pages with greatly implemented functionality. These pages can be used for a wide range of purposes. For example, you can tell more about your estheticians and hairstylists. And of course, it is easy to describe all your services with this HTML5 solution. Here are some of the pages this template includes:

  • 3 homepage layouts;
  • About Us;
  • Services;
  • Portfolio;
  • Our Team;
  • FAQ;
  • Contact Us etc.

All the supplied pages can be easily customized thanks to the supplied UI kit. The various elements that our beauty salon HTML5 website template includes allow you to create a truly unique site. From buttons to tables and accordions, there is a wide selection of blocks and elements you can apply to your website. Even without extensive knowledge in coding, you can easily improve its look. And if you are a professional developer, the opportunities you get with this template are endless.

Ready-Made HTML5 Solution Packed with Content

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, the beauty salon HTML5 website template is also filled with content. From quality images to pre-written texts, Beauty Monde has a lot to offer. Thanks to the well-developed content blocks, you can customize the template even further. All the sections are interchangeable and don’t require extra expertise to be used. And of course, you can freely edit any content and replace it with your own.

If you are looking for more information about this template, feel free to read

its documentation. It describes how to install and properly manage this HTML solution. Moreover, the documentation answers all sorts of questions about the templates we provide. But if you are looking for additional assistance, our friendly and seasoned support team will be glad to help. We also invite you to check out our template portfolio. It has dozens of ready-made templates for any of your future websites.


Version 1.0 – October 30, 2021

Initial release

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Beauty Monde – Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template
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Beauty Monde – Beauty Salon HTML5 Website Template
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