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BrainSpeed – HTML5 game
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BrainSpeed – HTML5 game
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BrainSpeed – HTML5 game

Test the limits of your brain. How fast are you? How good is your visual memory?

What is BrainSpeed

BrainSpeed is a game that displays sequences of lights that turn on and off faster and faster as you advance. Each 5 levels a new light is added to the sequence. The goal of the game is to reproduce the sequence of lights. Get it right 3 times in a row and go up one level. Get it wrong 3 times and it’s “Game Over”.

What’s Inside This Pack

The game is a HTML5 canvas game with responsive design.

  • Customizable sprites, fonts and colors
  • Support for internationalization
  • Responsive design
  • Works on desktop, iPad and mobile devices

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Android mobile application based on Brain Speed :

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BrainSpeed – HTML5 game
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BrainSpeed – HTML5 game
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