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ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platform
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ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platform
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ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platform

ColibriSM This is a modern platform for sharing media content, an analogue of social networks such as twitter, instagram.
ColibriSM is one of the best options for creating your own social platform.

ColibriSM – v1.2.6 is released check it here

Important before buying!

Please look for questions here before asking them in the comments.

Why do I need ColibriSM Script?

This script can be used for different purposes, for example, if you want to create a forum for yourself, or a media portal for news, or just a social network for people to communicate, you can find out more for yourself by testing this script in the demo version

Key Features of ColibriSM Script

  1. Responsive & Beautiful and modern design
  2. Attractive and powerful admin panel
  3. Upload images & videos from your device
  4. Import GIFs from internet
  5. Chat system
  6. Day & Night modes
  7. Notifications system
  8. Like & Comment system
  9. Post sharing & reposting system
  10. Polls system
  11. Youtube & Vimeo Embed system
  12. Google maps Embed system
  13. Google AdSense system
  14. Swifts system (User stories)
  15. SPA page load system
  16. Ads system
  17. Amazon S3 storage (Admin panel)
  18. Media upload limit (Admin panel)
  19. Ability to add multiple admins (Admin panel)
  20. Affiliate system
  21. Voice recorder
  22. User report system
  23. Publication report system
  24. Publication hiding system
  25. User Block/Unblock system
  26. Bookmarks system
  27. User profile system
  28. Profile privacy system
  29. Post privacy system
  30. Follow privacy system
  31. Follow/Unfollow system
  32. Emoji system
  33. Multi language system
  34. RTL support
  35. Multi theme support system (Admin can switch theme from admin panel)
  36. GDPR Compliance
  37. SEO friendly optimization
  38. oAuth login system
  39. And much more..

What kind of technology used?

ColibriSM Developed on native php code, without the use of any frameworks, with the exception of auxiliary libraries.
As for the client side of the script, the developers used the most popular technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, VueJS, and others

Server requirements

  1. PHP 5.5 or Higher. (We strongly recommend using the latest PHP version as well as MySQL server)
  2. MySQLi
  3. GD Library
  4. MBstring
  5. cURL
  6. PHP Zip Module

Paid service

  1. Installation for ($20)
  2. Installing updates ($20)
  3. Solving hosting issues ($20 – $50)
  4. Minor modifications in code or design ($20 – $250)

Demo credentials & Admin panel

In order to test all the capabilities of ColibriSM, you need to register for a demo version of this script. Registration is very simple and won’t take you much time.

After registration, you will get access to the admin panel, however there will be restrictions that will only apply to the demo version


v1.2.9 (23 Nov 2021)

- [Fixed]  Bugs of previous version (v1.2.7)

v1.2.8 (22 Nov 2021)

- [Added] E-mail notifications system
- [Added] Google ReCaptcha
- [Added] User verification option for Admin
- [Added] User wallet editing option for Admin
- [Added] Share to WhatsApp option
- [Added] Share to telegram option
- [Improved] Admin panel

[Improved] Removed unnecessary libraries - [Fixed] Previous minor bugs.

v1.2.7 (11 Sep 2021)

- [Added] Option to disable user registration system
- [Added] Option to disable the cookie warning window
- [Added] Registration of the invited user
- [Added] Option to manage UI languages in the admin panel
- [Added] Arabic language
- [Added] RTL languages support
- [Improved] Admin panel
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.6 (02 Sep 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.5 (01 Sep 2021)

- [Added] UI display color manager
- [Added] Ability to change the position of the currency symbol
- [Added] Ability to change the minimum deposit amount
- [Added] Mobile app download links in footer
- [Added] Possibility to change the minimum amount of the withdrawal request
- [Added] New sidebar design
- [Fixed] Removed @ from username
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- [Fixed] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue
- [Improved] Mobile Google Chrome images loading issue
- The kernel of the system has been improved, unnecessary components have been removed, the loading speed has been increased, a lot of changes have been made to the kernel to further improve the quality of the system and simplify the implementation of new functions

v1.2.4 (29 July 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.3 (24 July 2021)

- [Added] Cookies alert
- [Fixed] Removed sidebar movement when scrolling
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.2 (06 July 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.1 (28 June 2021)

- [Added] Amazon S3 storage (Admin panel)
- [Added] Media upload limit (Admin panel)
- [Added] Ability to add multiple admins (Admin panel)
- [Added] Header top fix on page scroll
- [Added] E-mail verification system
- [Added] Username hover popoever
- [Added] Voice recorder in the posts section
- [Added] Auto detect user language (Guest page)
- [Added] API endpoints
- [Added] Many improvements in the core of the system
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.2.0 (23 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.9 (22 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.8 (21 May 2021)

- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

v1.1.7 (20 May 2021)

- [Improved] Emoji system
- [Improved] Design
- [Added] Mention of autocomplete
- [Added] Hashtags of autocomplete
- [Updated] Admin panel (Added page update interverl settings)
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

v1.1.6 (02 May 2021)

- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs

V1.1.5 (28 March 2021)

- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

V1.1.4 (02 March 2021)

- [Added] Approval system for user ads
- [Updated] Script docs
- [Updated] API
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- [Fixed] Previous minor bugs
- And more minor improvements in the system

V1.1.3 (24 Feb 2021)

- [Added] Google Ads System for Admin
- [Updated] API
- [Added] oAuth login disable/enable system
- [Added] New welcome page
- [Added] Registration start up system
- [Added] Publication reporting system
- [Added] Live homepage feed updating system
- [Added] Post soft hidding system
- [Added] And also many other improvements in the admin panel and in the core of the script
- [Fixed] Follower counting errors after blocking
- [Fixed] Thumbnail error for short videos
- [Fixed] Bug with Timezone
- [Added] Ability to view avatar and profile cover in lightbox

V1.1.2 (07 Feb 2021)

- [Fixed] Bugs with image orientation uploaded from the camera
- [Fixed] Bugs with uploading files and freezing the upload slider
- [Fixed] Shortcomings with dark theme on mobile and web devices

V1.1.1 (03 Feb 2021)

- [Added] The ability to switch UI themes from admin panel (if any)
- [Added] The ability to play Vimeo videos without leaving the page
- [Added] Google Maps URL lightbox preview (embed in iFrame)
- [Improved] Links (URLs) preview system
- [Fixed] Bugs dark theme on login page
- [Improved] Some more kernel improvements to stabilize the system

V1.0.9 (22 Jan 2021)

- [Added] The ability to play YouTube videos without leaving the page
- [Added] Ability to edit language texts, without losing changes when updating
- [Updated] script documentation
- [Fixed] bugs with user blocking
- [Fixed] bugs dark theme
- [Fixed] bugs with user removal system

V1.0.8 (04 Jan 2021)

- [Added] Controlling the length of post characters from the admin panel (600 / or arbitrary)
- [Added] System of notification settings
- [Added] API endpoints
- [Enabled] Login with username
- [Added] Dark / light theme mode
- [Added] Profile privacy (Who can see profile)
- [Improved] Post OG data system
- [Added] Post privacy (Who can reply)
- [Added] Polls system
- [Added] Video lightbox system
- [Added] Swifts system (User stories system)
- [Added] Admin ads management system
- [Added] Ad page view system (For admin)
- [Added] Follow privacy system (Who can follow me)
- [Added] GDRP system (Import my information)
- [Improved] Pages loading speed
- [Improved] Improved interface design
- [Fixed] Previous bugs
- And many more improvements in the core of the script and improved system quality

V1.0.6 (18 SEPTEMBER 2020)

- [Added] SPA loading system (No hard refreshes anyomore)
- [Added] Ads system
- [Added] Affiliate system
- [Added] User wallet system
- [Added] User reporting system
- [Added] User block/unblock system
- [Added] Link OG data fetching system
- [Added] Media uploading progress bar system
- [Added] Emoji support to the chat system (Only for desktop browsers)
- [Improved] Post-media preloaders
- [Improved] Post #htags displaying system
- [Improved] User follow suggestion system
- [Fixed] Issue with domains (www)
- [Fixed] Issue with links to post on social media (Facebook, etc.)
- [Fixed] Other minor issues with the script

V1.0.5 (22 JULY 2020)

- [Added] User verification system
- [Added] Registration confirmation system
- [Added] User ban by admin system
- [Added] User privacy system
- [Added] Welcome page for guests
- [Added] Media files (Images, Videos) lazy loading system
- [Added] Sitemap creation system
- [Fixed] Previous several minor bugs

V1.0.4 (29 JUNE 2020)

- [Fixed] Previous several minor bugs (URLs in posts, image extentions support, etc..)

V1.0.3 (15 JUNE 2020)

- [Feature] function for changing the username specified during registration
- [Fixed] bug with drop-down menu on profile settings page
- [Fixed] bug with pop-up message on the home page
- [Fixed] bug with function of display language for the user

V1.0.2 (11 JUNE 2020)

- [Fixed] bug with user gender difference (His/Her) In timeline
- [Fixed] bug with dropdown menu For mobile devices
- [Fixed] bug moving cover on user profile page

V1.0.1 (30 MAY 2020)

- [Fixed] Previous several important bugs

V1.0.0 (21 MAY 2020)

- Version 1.0.0 released on 21 May 2020.

ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platform
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ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platform
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