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Doxe – SaaS Doctors Chamber, Prescription & Appointment Software
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Doxe – SaaS Doctors Chamber, Prescription & Appointment Software
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Doxe – SaaS Doctors Chamber, Prescription & Appointment Software

How zoom live consultation works

  • Obtain api keys from your zoom account and save them in super admin > settins > zoom settings
  • Doctors create a zoom meeting for live consultations
  • Get the meeting’s id, password and save it in live consultation section settings
  • Patients will book an appointment for specific doctors and need to pay for online consultation using paypal/stripe
  • Doctors will start their meeting in zoom app just before the scheduled time
  • While patients tries joining in the live consultation, Doctors need to approve their requests
  • After approval, doctors will see the patient in live streaming video consultation
  • During the live video consultation, they can communicate with chat option in zoom
  • They can leave the meeting anytime after the finishing of the live consultation

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Online Documentation

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration & Customization
  • Standard secured & clean code
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized & SEO-Friendly URL
  • Fronted website
  • Manage website with unlimited features & pages
  • Manage pricing packages & features
  • Pricing plan enable/disable with limit options
  • Manage Contact Messages
  • Manage Users
  • Manage FAQs
  • Manage Blogs with category
  • Cash flow chart reports
  • Net Incomes
  • reCaptcha enable / disable option
  • Email verification enable / disable option
  • Paypal payment enable / disable option
  • Stripe payment enable / disable option
  • Registration enable / disable option
  • Blogs enable / disable option
  • Users enable / disable option
  • Google Analytics
  • SMTP email with PHPMailer library
  • Google reCaptcha attached with (Register & Contacts forms with enable or disable option)
  • Advanced settings option
  • Admin, User, Staff & Patient panel
  • Multiuser & Multi staff options
  • Membership System with 3 packages
  • Paypal payment system
  • Stripe payment system
  • Create & manage chambers
  • Create & manage staffs
  • Create & manage patients
  • Create & manage diagnosis
  • Create & manage advises
  • Create & manage additional advises
  • Create & manage diagnosis tests
  • Create & manage drugs
  • Create & manage prescriptions
  • Create & manage appointments
  • Set schedule for appointments
  • Manage profile with education & experiences
  • Print prescriptions
  • Auto generate serial numbers for appointments
  • Date wise appointment serials
  • Ajax secure Authentication
  • Jquery Data tables & form validations
  • Sweetalert & toast notification with ajax
  • Detailed Documentation with commented code
  • Totally Secure System
  • Advanced Settings Options with Enable or Disable options
  • Change Logo, Favicon, Home hero image, Site Title, Site Description, etc. from Admin Panel
  • Easy Installation Using Installation Wizard & no need any coding skills
  • Runs on PHP 7.0+


There are various mechanisms to secure application. These mechanisms are:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
  • Output Escaping
  • Password Hashing

Update Instructions

Update version 1.5 – 3 September 2021

-Added Razorpay Payment
-Added patient prescriptions history
-Fix some minor issues
-Fix payment enable/disable issue

Update version 1.4 – 5 April 2021

-Update Zoom SDK version
-Fix appointment booking date issue
-Fix admin panel responsive issues

Update version 1.3 – 18 March 2021

-Added day wise multiple time slots for appointment booking
-Added new layout in admin panel
-Added users transactions lists in admin panel
-Added users payment invoice option
-Added payments lists and invoice in doctors panel
-Added features & days value for translation
-Added Added new booking calender in doctors profile

-Fix email duplication for staff & patients
-Fix zoom mobile issue
-Fix view prescription from consultation
-Fix zoom meeting join button issue from patient panel
-Improve design in doctors profile page 

Update version 1.2 – 25 January 2021

-Added free trial days option
-Added Multilingual System
-Added RTL option
-Added rating & review system
-Added offline payment for patient
-Added patient historical data upload option
-Fix patient add issue
-Fix some design issues
-Improve booking option 

Update version 1.1 – 8 November 2020

-Added Zoom meeting
-Added online consultation
-Added paypal & stripe payment method for doctors to receive consultation fees
-Added new booking system for patients in doctors profile page
-Added prescription diagnosis reports in patients panel
-Added prescription diagnosis feedback option for doctors panel
-Fix registration bugs
-Fix some css issues
-Improve functionalities 

Initial release version 1.0 – 8 October 2020


There are some requirements to work on your server. These requirements are:

  • PHP >= 7+
  • cUrl

Doxe – SaaS Doctors Chamber, Prescription & Appointment Software
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Doxe – SaaS Doctors Chamber, Prescription & Appointment Software
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