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FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme
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FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme
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FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme

FoodBakery WordPress Restaurant Theme is a complete and customized package for single / multiple restaurants listings.
FoodBakery theme provides membership options and membership packages for restaurant owners from where they can handle their restaurants manage their Menus, Bookings, Teams, Memberships and Payments.
Restaurant owners can Register themselves on the theme as “Restaurant” and team up and build their online Restaurants and Menus from their dashboard.

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Some salient features

Easy to Manage Merchant Dashboard (Restaurant Owner)
FoodBakery Multiple Restaurant system have simple and easy to handle Merchant / Restaurants dashboard where restaurant can easily signup via social logins and can manage his restaurants, build menus, manage orders and bookings, handle memberships, manage teams, earnings, withdrawals, statements and handle account settings like password change etc. A complete online restaurant management system.

Separate Panel for Restaurant Owner / User
FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system has been designed for websites offering Merchant place to restaurants on their sites where users can make bookings / order online. Thus, it comes with separate dashboards for admin and restaurants. Admin can set membership packages from back end with price and expiry date, reviews option, set payment gateways for receiving payments and much more.

Email alert for orders etc
Online order is all about ease. Users, ordering through FoodBakery Restaurants System have built-in email alert system which keep user updated about the orders made. Upon making order, user receives email on given email address having complete detail of order like order ID etc.

Payment Gateway for online payment
FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system comes with four default payment gateways, Paypal, Skrill, and bank transfer for merchant listing websites to charge their users against membership, restaurants can charge users for book a table online or placing order online.

WooCommerce Gateways
With four default payment gateways, FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system have Woocommerce payment gateways as well where default payment gateways are not supported or not the first choice. With Woocommerce, any payment gateway in the world can be used. Such an ease definitely puts admin on rocking chair.

Easy Reports for Admin and merchants
Admin and merchant dashboard have simplest ever distinct place which prepare reports for admin and merchants. Admin can see orders, bookings, earning, statements and withdrawals in just few clicks on an organized and easy way.

Multi-Restaurant Food Portal
Having more than one restaurants and want to manage them on single website? FoodBakery is perfect and specifically designed for multiple restaurant management. Merchants / restaurants can add as many restaurants as they want and can manage them all in the same, one dashboard.

Unlimited Merchant Signup with Package or Commission Base
Install FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system and enable your website to allow unlimited merchant sign up on your listing website by offering them membership package of your choice. Merchant signup is just on one-click using social login option. Each user will have separate dashboard to manage their restaurant.

Social Login
For a listing or online services website, user signup process is very important. On a website FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system theme, merchants and users can sign-up via social login details like Facebook, Twitter without any complicated sign-up process. Admin can enable / disable this option from back end.

Unlimited Users
FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system theme is for websites which offer their users online services like online booking and orders. Thus, user sign-up process is primary for such website. Using this theme, user signup is fantastic and super easy. Just put in social media login details and user sign-up process is done.

Easy Menu Builder with Drag drop
For restaurant and restaurants listing websites, menu is key feature. FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system comes with stunning drag and drop menu builder feature. (Special characters are not supported). In merchant dashboard, there is menu builder option which works on drag and drop procedure. Choose the element, drop, save and all done.

Fully Responsive Theme
In age of multiple devices, being responsive is basic feature for a website. FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system theme is fully responsive that fits best to all devices across all browsers. On a mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop, it fits best to minute level. Every element looks perfect and made-for on every device we open. A perfect theme for perfection lovers.

Merchants Order management
Merchant dashboard in FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system offers complete order management. As soon as a user makes order, it shows up in merchant dashboard. Every order is given a unique ID for its tracking where merchant can sort them on the basis of order status. Orders can be tracked on the basis on status like processing, complete or cancelled.

Online orders and Payments
Online orders and payments is primary feature for restaurants website. FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system is complete system for all such websites where users can place their orders or booking online and receive confirmation via email, make payments for their orders. Different payment gateways are compatible for smooth payments.

Customer Order History
Once a user sign-up with FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system, he gets access to dedicated user dashboard that records complete history of user activities like orders, bookings, reviews, shortlisted restaurants and statements. Users can check complete details of all orders they made.

VAT and Delivery Charges
Restaurant / merchants can charge users VAT / tax and delivery charges along with order price. The options can be enabled / disabled from dashboard and values can be set from back end as well in just few clicks.

Order base Merchants Reviews
Reviews is another must-have feature for online business. FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system offers a well-organized review system where a user can review the merchant he placed order for. Once the order is made and processed, user can review the merchant against that particular order.

Opening Hours for merchants
Merchants can handle their online presence from their dashboard by setting up opening and closing hours. These hours are displayed to users against the merchant to facilitate their ordering process. Custom post type implementation is implemented using utc+0 time zone.

100% Open Source & Fully Customizable
No hidden plugin, no hidden requirement, no push to buy anything to access and functionality. Every functionality in FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system is completely FREE and there is no HIDDEN cost for any part, any function at ALL. Drag & Drop, easy to use page builder helps to customize theme by just dragging the required element on desired place, a fully customizable theme by all means.

Simple Installation & Quick Start Guide
It’s just a matter of few minutes to complete restaurants website with SIMPLE, ONE-CLICK demo import and installation. If any assistance is needed at any point, Quick Start Guide is there for step-by-step guidance.

Online Restaurant table booking
Along with opening and closing hours or online orders, Restaurants can offer users to book tables online. User receives email notification upon booking a table whereas merchants can see the booking in their dashboard.

Auto-Completes Addresses
Auto-complete addresses option facilitate users while making placing order. This option works with google address and fetches details from google to complete the address by giving possible address suggestions. Facility by all means in all options is what FoodBakery Multiple Restaurants system offers.

Change Log: Version 2.5 – ( 1st Jan 22 )

New Added: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.x
New Added: New Single Restaurant Demo (Le Delicious)
New Added: Deals Module for Single Restaurant
New Added: Fancy template for Single Restaurant
New Added: Menu Item and Deals detail popup module
New Added: Calories feature module for Single Restaurant

Fixed: Bookings and Orders are not showing in frontend Dashboard
Fixed: Reviews are not showing in frontend Dashboard
Fixed: Page builder crash issues
Fixed: Menu Item saving issues at backend
Fixed: Pickup fee is not adding in woocommerce check out form 
Fixed: Order Calculation issues
Fixed: Post a reply form not working in reviews
Fixed: Comments not appearing on pages
Fixed: loco missing strings
Fixed: Responsive and js issues

Change Log: Version 2.4 – ( 27 Oct 21 )

New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.x

Fixed: Page builder elements saving issues 
Fixed: Cuisines and tags are not adding from backend 
Fixed: Add location button not working
Fixed: Menu items are not saving from backend
Fixed: Responsive and js issues

Change Log: Version 2.3 – ( 3 July 21 )

New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.x

Fixed: Contact form issue – showing error while sending email
Fixed: Delivery fee is not adding in woocommerce check out form 
Fixed: Cuisines not adding 
Fixed: Reviews - Post a reply not working 
Fixed: Coupon application on frontend dashboard calculation
Fixed: Restaurant Settings not saving from frontend
Fixed: Menu builder categories and food items not saving 
Fixed: Restaurant after choosing membership in dashboard  is not navigating to order detail 
Fixed: Order status options are not translatable
Fixed: loco missing strings
Fixed: Responsive and js issues

Change Log: Version 2.2 – (1 June 2021)

Fixed: Reflected XSS issue

Change Log: Version 2.1 – (4th January 2021)

New: Sticky

Footer Cart Widget on Mobile New: Compatibility with wordpress 5.6 Fixed: Page builder elements are not saving Fixed: payment status not appearing as approved via woocommerce paypal Fixed: Auto selections not working for card and pickup Fixed: Order Calculations issues with delivery and pickup fee Fixed: Menu items not deleting after refresh Fixed: Transaction is is not appearing same at backend post type Fixed: Incorrect average calculation for reviews Fixed: Duplicate emails issues Fixed: loco missing strings Fixed: Responsive and js issues

Change Log: Version 2.0 – (26 August 2020)

New Added: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5

Fixed: Menu item not deleting from cart once added
Fixed: Plugin settings tabs are not working
Fixed: Chosen scripts drop down not working
Fixed: Editor Options not working
Fixed: Logo and Cover photo not saving in profile
Fixed: Checkout flow issues on latest WordPress 5.5
Fixed: Theme options not saving
Fixed: Responsive, styling and js issues

Change Log: Version 1.9 – (15 July 2020)

New: Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.x
New: First name and last name fields added on Sign up form popup
New: Order emails will be sent after transaction status Approval
New: Loader processor on pay now button on wc checkout page
New: Login Validation checks while ordering and booking placement
New: Buyer details added on Received Order Email Template Notification

Fixed: Fixed: Stored Multiple XSS issue
Fixed: pickup selection only field not showing on frontend
Fixed: Category editing and deleting not working 
Fixed: Extras reset option not working
Fixed: Theme options not saving
Fixed: Extras not saving 
Fixed: minimum order field is not working
Fixed: Footer cuisines widget show all cuisines instead of specific selected one.
Fixed: payment status not appearing as approved via woocommerce paypal
Fixed: payment status not appearing as approved vis woocommerce stripe
Fixed: Reviews status approval options not appearing
Fixed: Order status options not translatable
Fixed: price table rows not saving
Fixed: Order status options are not translatable
Fixed: loco missing strings
Fixed: Responsive and js issues

Change Log: Version 1.8 – (21 March 2020)

New Added : Compatibility with php version 7.3

Improvement : User type column added to differentiate between buyer and restaurant users at backend 

Fixed: Basket is empty notice while adding menu items in cart without login
Fixed: Shortlists not working with latest wp
Fixed: Autocomplete and geolocation not working
Fixed: CS Theme options not saving with latest wp and php version
Fixed: Price table options are not updating
Fixed: Bank transfer and check payments status not updating

Change Log: Version 1.7 – (9 January 2020)

Fixed: Buyer name not appearing who rated in reviews
Fixed: Buyer Shortlist not working
Fixed: page builder incompatibility issues with latest wp
Fixed: Transaction is saving as pending incase of wc stripe
Fixed: Section becomes blank after adding menu category and item
Fixed: Calculation issues
Fixed: fatal error on theme activation on latest wp
Fixed: Random id is printing with Buyer address in order detail
Fixed: Order receipt button not clickable
Fixed: Loco Missing Translation strings
Fixed: Widget sidebar and woocommerce widgets not appearing
Fixed: Styling & Responsive Issues

Change Log: Version 1.6

New Added: Compatibiity upto WordPress version (Classic Editor) : 5.3.x 
New Added: Compatibiity upto php version 7.3
New Added: Compatibiity with revolution slider 6.0.x
New Added: Compatibiity upto Woocommerce plugin 3.7
New Added: Multiple & Single Extras Selection with Required Options while ordering 

Improvement: Google Social login API upgrade as per new social Policy
Improvement: Buyer can now Register/login while Ordering
Improvement: Extras Complete Structure Improvement

Fixed: Booking Calender not showing Weekend days
Fixed: Customer information and detail not showing in Bookings
Fixed: Dynamic Status options not working 
Fixed: Register form showing validation notice Issue
Fixed: Page builder column width not working
Fixed: Nutritional Icons are not adding
Fixed: Buyer profile saving issues
Fixed: Google Autocomplete suggestions not loading
Fixed: Autocomplete search not loading searched results 
Fixed: Restaurant added email not working
Fixed: New restaurant posting issue and not appearing on frontend
Fixed: Sorting filters duplication issues
Fixed: Restaurant slider not working
Fixed: Menu Item description not saving from backend and frontend 
Fixed: Page builder crashing issues with latest WordPress version 5.2.x
Fixed: Buyer not able to shortlist from his dashboard 
Fixed: Order Calculation Issues
Fixed: Basket empty issue while ordering
Fixed: Strings not translatable via Loco translate 
Fixed: Styling & Responsive Issues

Change Log: Version 1.5

New Added: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
         - Terms & Conditions/Policy Agreement mendatory checkboxes to restrict Buyer and Resturant Registartion
         - Delete Profile button in both Buyer and Resturant Dashboards.

New Added: New Demo (Buddy Day) - Single Restaurant Demo
New Added: New Demo (Foodcourt)
New Added: FB : Single Restaurant Page builder element to display Single restaurant page
New Added: Delivery Date and Time fields while ordering
New Added: Help desk tab panel

Improvement: Social Logins API's and buttons up-gradation as per new social policy updates
Improvement: Session maintenance in cart widget after Buyer login

Fixed: Checkout issues using Free membership package
Fixed: Add location button not appearing
Fixed: Issues while adding menu categories and Menu items
Fixed: Cuisines not appearing in sidebar 
Fixed: Restaurants Shortlisting issue
Fixed: Structure issue in Restaurant slider and testimonial Element
Fixed: filter count not working
Fixed : Suggestion search not working
Fixed: Missing Loco translate plugin strings
Fixed: User Auto Approval options not working

Change Log: Version 1.4

New: Compatibility with latest WordPress 4.9.5
New: Compatibility with latest php version 7.2
New: FoodStop New demo 
New: Foodbakery RTL demo

Fixed : Google API Search query related issues with Radius
Fixed: Buyer and Restaurant Email Notifications are not working 
Fixed: Back To Top link and section not working
Fixed: Loco Translate missing translations
Fixed: Team member can't be deleted from frontend
Fixed: Classic and page builder Editor Switch Issue
Fixed: Cuisines not appearing in filter sidebar
Fixed: Import demo data option not available with Child Theme 
Fixed: Calculation Issues in restaurants earnings
Fixed: Site crashes after adding 4 extras in sidebar
Fixed: Opening hours on/off switch not working
Fixed: Expiry data and status of restaurant not working in case of free packages
Fixed: FB:Restaurant page builder element option not working
Fixed: Location listing count not working at backend
Fixed: Cuisines count is not working in filter sidebar
Fixed: Backend publisher tabs not working
Fixed: Styling and Responsive Issues

Change Log: Version 1.3

Fixed: Location didn't save on backend while adding from frontend
Fixed: Section Settings Not working properly for video and slider
Fixed: PHP 7 compatibility issues
Fixed: Pages are not loading in Plugin settings
Fixed: Twitter social login is not working 

New Added: Email Notification and template for ORDER details to Restaurant user
New Added: Incase of cash: Customer information should be included  in Order details (Customer Information: NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and ADDRESS)

Change Log: Version 1.2

Fixed: Social Facebook login not working
Fixed: Bank transfer payment gateway is not appearing on frontend
Fixed: Orders are not being placed when trying to submit the order its not working
Fixed: Woo commerce coupan issue
Fixed: Styling and responsive issues

New Added: Mexican Restaurant Demo

Change Log: Version 1.1.0 (27/12/2016)

Added : New Home Page Version
Added : Menu Item with picture
Added : Nutritional Information icons For each menu item
Fixed : Demo Data Import Images and Menu Missing

FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme
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FoodBakery | Delivery Restaurant Directory WordPress Theme
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