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Form Builder – Bootstrap, Validation & AJAX
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Form Builder – Bootstrap, Validation & AJAX
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Form Builder – Bootstrap, Validation & AJAX

NeatForms is a powerful PHP form library, with an optional jQuery plugin for AJAX forms. It comes with built-in support the for Bootstrap Framework Version 4 and 5,


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful, even I use it myself for big projects!
  • Includes many examples and ready-to-use templates.
  • Supports procedural Form Generation.
  • Supports object-oriented Form Generation.
  • Form Validation with many common validators included, such as
  • Client-side validation using JavaScript.
  • AJAX Form submission
  • Supports the Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 CSS Frameworks
  • Clean, well-documented code.
  • Modular & Extensible – add support for your own validation rules or custom CSS frameworks

Includes minimal css OR extra css to get nice looking forms quickly


Neatforms requires that your web-server runs PHP version 7.4 or greater!


# 3.6.0
- Fixed a crticial bug in the FormValidator, where it tried to make an UploadedFile when a field didn't have a value. This should only happen if it exists in the $_FILES array.
- Implemented mail handling, with the PHPmailer package.
- Fixed a bug where adding elements to the FormRow didn't wrap it in a form column element.
- Fixxed a bug where Bootstrap4 and bootstrap5 render engines didn't add the correct style class for select fields.

# 3.5.0
- neatforms-basic.css: better margin control, last form element has no margin-bottom, and the Form Row has more consistent margins.
- Fixed a bug where the example in examples/templates/contact.php didn't load the CSS files correctly.
- implemented a new UploadedFile class, a new file-max-size validator type, and example files for handling file uploads.
- fixed some bugs in the javascript plugin

# 3.4.0
- A New CSS file (CSS/neatforms-extra.css) which provides extra styling – use it together with the neatforms-basic.css.
- NeatForms::file now returns an instance of a new FileField instance, instead of an InputField instance. It has two methods specific to file fields: multiple() and accept(['.png', '.jpg')
- Bugfixes and misc. code improvements
- NeatForms::radio now creates a RadioList with a hidden Label. Similarly, the NeatForms::checkbox creates a CheckboxList with a hidden label as well.
- Improved documentation

# 3.3.0
- Misc Bugfixes
- Added a new BasicTableRenderer
- Improved documentation

# 3.2.2
- Added documentation section for macros (under advanced)
- Fixed a bug with NeatForms::TextArea() field creation
- Fixed a bug with the rendering of the "requiredFieldLabelExtra". I.E, the asterix (*) after a label, when a field is required.

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Form Builder – Bootstrap, Validation & AJAX
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Form Builder – Bootstrap, Validation & AJAX
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