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jQuery Gradient Creator
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jQuery Gradient Creator
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jQuery Gradient Creator

jQuery Gradient Creator is a jQuery plugin that allows you to add gradient generators in your web apps and sites. Smart and fully cutomizable, it is suitable for any type of use : CSS generators, HTML5 canvas applications, live usages …


  • Unlimited gradient points
  • HTML5 Browsers compatible (IE9 +)
  • Generate and export CSS code
  • Customizable by CSS
  • Many smart parameters and methods
  • Fast loading and fluid usage
  • Included : colorpicker plugin and any jQuery-ui libraries
  • Can easily be combined with HTML5 canvas
  • No server file, only js and CSS
  • Documentation and examples


  • gradient : String or Array | Default gradient points
  • width : Int | Gradient preview width
  • height : Int | Gradient preview height
  • pointSize : Int | Int | Gradient points size
  • orientation : “horizontal” or “vertical” | Orientation of the generated gradient
  • target : jQuery selector | Define live targets. Ex: ”#target1,#target2”
  • tooltipGradient : String or Array | Tooltip background gradient points
  • onChange : Method | Executed on each gradient change and at start
  • onInit : Method | Executed on initialization only
  • noSupport : Method | Executed if the browser doesn’t support HTML5


  • getArrayGradient() : Return the gradient points array. Ex: [[“0%”,”#FFFFFF”],[“100%”,”#000000”]]
  • getCssGradient() : Return the full gradient generated CSS code
  • getStringGradient() : Return the gradient points as string. Ex: “0% #FFFFFF,100% #000000”
  • setOrientation(orientation) : “horizontal” or “vertical” | Change the generated gradient orientation in live.


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jQuery Gradient Creator

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jQuery Gradient Creator
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