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Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI
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Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI
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Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI

Jumbo React is a React and Material-UI based admin template which follows the
Google’s Material Design Concept and helps you in building your React web application faster, precisely and cost effectively.

Apart from the Material-UI, Jumbo has lots of other powerful libraries like Coremat-Pro, Redux, Storybook, ReCharts and many more.

With Jumbo, you can minimize the UI development cost and efforts of your project by 60-70% and can launch your app ahead of the time.

Jumbo covers 360 degree premium support after the purchase. Quickly learn with video tutorials, online documentation and other community members, Or raise a support ticket, you will always find us right here to help you out.

Few highlights of Jumbo

  • React, Material-UI, Redux (A solid foundation for your next project)
  • Coremat Pro (A set of 20+ highly reusable components)
  • React Hooks and Context APIs (Jumbo follows the modern standards of React coding)
  • JSS based styling (No other dependency, use what Material-UI recommends)
  • Both CRA and NextJS versions (Build your app of either the SPA or SSR type)
  • Firebase, JWT and Custom Auth (Three in-built authentication and foundation to extend with a new one)
  • Storybook Integration (Quick and easy exploration of components use-cases)
  • Extractable Components (Extract and use selected components in an existing Material-UI Project)
  • 7 Unique Dashboards (100+ custom use as-is components)
  • 10+ Layout Options (Simply start with a layout your application requires)
  • 3 Theme Shades (Light, Semi-dark and Dark)
  • 6 Fully coded App UIs (Task Manager, Mail, Chat, Contacts, Social Wall, Profile)
  • and much more…

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Change Log V 5.5.0 (Current) – 9 August, 2021

ADDED - Added Kanban board.
FIXED - Fix WYSIWYG Editor loading issue.
FIXED - Fix loading icon issue in widget components.

Change Log V 5.4.0 – 14 July, 2021

ADDED - Added Users module.
UPDATE - Updated Material-UI version to latest.
UPDATE - Updated snack bar notification style.

Change Log V 5.3.0 – 3 July, 2021

ADDED - Added Calendar module.
ADDED - Added separate Material timeline and Custom CMT timeline pages.
REMOVED - Removed Storybook.
CHANGED - Changed default color scheme of template.
UPDATE - Stop closing of previously opened collapsible nav menu when click to other nav item.
UPDATE - Updated loading functionality of vertical and horizontal both menus.
FIXED - Fixed change language and other minor issues.

Change Log V 5.2.0 – 2 June, 2021

ADDED - NextJS starter template
UPDATED - @coremat components updated to speed-up the render process
UPDATED - Separated LayoutContext and SidebarContext from AppContext

Change Log V 5.1.5

UPDATED - Updated Authentication process and optimized build process in Next.js template.
REMOVED - Removed unusable redux files and constants in Next.js template.
FIXED - Fixed Page loading issues in Next.js template.

Change Log V 5.1.2

ADDED - Added redirect functionality on forget-password component.
FIXED - Fixed mini sidebar user menu issue. .

Change Log V 5.1.1

ADDED - Added Error pages and removed unusable files in Next-JS.
FIXED - Fixed forget password page loading issue in Next-JS.
FIXED - Fixed signup page issue in mobile screen. 

Change Log V 5.1.0

ADDED - Added Laravel version. 
FIXED - Fixed chart tooltip issues. 
FIXED - Fixed breadcrumb color issue. 
UPDATED - Optimized some component in intranet dashboard

Change Log V 5.0.1

FIXED - Fixed JWT Auth and Mock API conflation. 

Change Log V 5.0

Whats new in this version

  • A completely new modern design with better UI/UX
  • Coremat Pro integration with 20+ highly reusable components
  • 150+ reusable custom Jumbo components
  • Now, you can extract components and can use in any Material-UI based project
  • Storybook integration
  • React Hooks implementation out-of-the-box
  • Use of Context APIs to change global settings like color theme, active language etc. to remove the dependency over redux.
  • 10+ layout options
  • 3 theme shades (Light, Semi-dark and Dark)
  • Video tutorials
  • 6 in-built app UIs functioning with Redux-Thunk

Change Log V 4.2.1

FIXED - Fixed reload issue on toggle nav drawer

Change Log V 4.2.0

FIXED - Fixed some CSS issues.
UPDATED - Updated most of package's version.
UPDATED - Updated component functionality to hook based functionality.

Change Log V 4.1.1

FIXED - Fixed starter-template-without-auth issue

Change Log V 4.1.0

ADDED - Added NextJS version with React Hooks.
FIXED - Fixed minor issues.
FIXED - Fixed minor style(css) issue

Change Log V 4.0.2

FIXED - Drawer issue in Horizontal Layout
FIXED - Search open issue in Horizontal Layout

Change Log V 4.0.1

FIXED- Fixed multi levelmenu issue in vertical menus. 
FIXED - Fixed some minor issues.
UPDATED - Updated react-scripts to 3.4.0

Change Log V 4.0.0

ADDED- Converted all functionality based on React-Hooks.

Change Log V 3.2.0

ADDED - Added Next.JS version. 
FIXED - Fixed some minor issues.

Change Log V 3.1.3

FIXED - Fixed issue on signin and signup page in Dark Theme

Change Log V 3.1.2

Added - Added JWT auth integration with Laravel

Change Log V 3.1.1

REMOVED - remove cross-env NODE_PATH=src dependenc
FIXED - Fix hover issue in header user profile.

Change Log V 3.1.0

ADDED - Added 3 new dashboards psds: Crypto, CRM and Listing
UPDATED - Updated all libs 
UPDATED - Updated to CRA 3.x
FIXED - Fix  multi level menu issue

Change Log V 3.0.1

ADDED - Wall App for social networking
ADDED - Profile App | Full version

Change Log V 3.0.0

ADDED - Widgets - Modern styled widgets 20+
ADDED - Metrices - Modern styled metrics 15+
ADDED - Crypto Dashboard
ADDED - Listing App Dashboard
ADDED - CRM Dashboard
UPDATED - New Material Design Concept based design updates
UPDATED - Ported to Create React App 2 (CRA 2)

Change Log V 2.1.1

ADDED -  Fixed minor issues.
UPDATED - Updatd libraries to latest version.

Change Log V 2.1.0

ADDED -  Added pure create-react-app based separate app
UPDATED - Updated libraries firebase, material-ui, reactstrap etc.

Change Log V 2.0.5

UPDATED -  Updated ESLint config

Change Log V 2.0.4

Fixed -  Fixed issue in flat version

Change Log V 2.0.3

UPDATED -  Material UI updated to v1.0

Change Log V 2.0.2

UPDATED -  Material UI Next updated to v1.0.0-rc.1

Checkout the breaking changes(

Change Log V 2.0.1

FIXED   -  Side Navigation Multi Level issue
ADDED   -  DropZone Fileupload (React Versions)
ADDED   -  Flat Design Version (Pure BootStrap4)
ADDED   -  6 Different Layouts (React Versions)
ADDED   -  Horizontal Navigation Style (React Versions)
FIXED   -  Few CSS Styling

Change Log V


ADDED  - Added RTL support
UPDATE - Update Material-ui-icon library 
ADDED  - Added react-custom-scrollbar
REMOVED - Removed jQuery from app

Change Log V 1.9.2

ADDED - 2 New variations in datatables
ADDED - Starter Template without auth (One with auth is also there)

Change Log V 1.9.1

ADDED  - Added jQuery version 

Change Log V 1.9

UPDATE - Design changes applied on app modules

Change Log V 1.8.1

FIXED  - Changed  - Made Some minor design changes.

Change Log V 1.8

ADDED  - Localization in 6 languages (Internationalization )
ADDED  - Integrated Firebase Authentication with following: Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub.
ADDED  - Integrated Firebase Database and API with  following modules: Mail, Todo, Contact, Chat.

Change Log V 1.7

ADDED  - Async Loading 
ADDED  - Code Spliting 

Change Log V 1.6

ADDED  - Added AotoComplete comonents in Components 
UPDATE - Update hashRouting 
FIXED  - Fixed some error in source code 
FIXED  - Fixed issue in starter template 

Change Log V 1.5

FIXED    - Fixed stater template app-main-container structure

Change Log V 1.4

ADDED  - Sweet Alerts Added
ADDED  - React Notifications Added
ADDED  - Enabled react HMR
UPDATE - react version updated from 15.6 to 16.2
UPDATE - material-ui library updated from version 1.0.0-beta.25 to v1.0.0-beta.30
UPDATE - react-google-map package updated to stable 9.4.5
UPDATE - bootstrap 4 stable version added
FIXED  - Resolved iOS 10+ browser issue on mobile devices

Log V 1.3

ADDED - Starter Template to kickstart your project
ADDED - Dark Theme Version

Change Log V 1.2

ADDED - Mail App with Redux Implementation
ADDED - To-Do App with Redux Implementation
ADDED - Contacts App with Redux Implementation
ADDED - Chat App with Redux Implementation

Change Log V 1.1

ADDED - Animation to the Notification and Message Popovers in header

Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI
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Jumbo – React Admin Template with Material-UI
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