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My Church App – connect your church to a mobile world.
Codecanyon Android App Template with Direct download Link.

My Church App – connect your church to a mobile world.
Codecanyon Android App Template for free


My Church App – connect your church to a mobile world.

Checkout the Flutter version with support for Android and IOS here

Extend beyond the Sunday mornings and the four walls of your church.
We have brought together all of the top features that your church app must have:
Livestreaming, Radio, Events, Devotionals, Notifications, Notes, multi-version bible, Audio/Video Messages, Subscription plans to watch videos or listen to audio messages.
App comes with 7 different bible versions namely KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NIT, MESSAGE and NRSV versions.

Comes with social network features, where members can interact, share images and videos and follow each other.

What are the server requirements for this project?

  • A shared hosting or VPS server.
  • Apache or similar web servers
  • PHP version 5.6 or newer
  • MySQL (5.1+)

Download test app from google playstore:

Test Admin Details:
Email: [email protected]
Password: admin
Features –

  1. Material Design App
  2. Clean Admin Dashboard
  3. Supports Youtube, Vimeo, m3u8, mpd, rtmp, mp3, mp4, mkv, avi plus other video and audio formats
  4. Supports LiveStreaming from rtmp, m3u8 and youtube channels.
  5. Notes: Supports html notes.
  6. Events: Notify users of church events and activities.
  7. Inbox: Send Notification messages to users, messages are stored on users inbox.
  8. Radio
  9. Bible with support for color highlighting, bookmarking, share, copy, side by side versions display etc.
  10. Admob Ads
  11. Supports adding external media urls
  12. weekly/monthly/yearly subscription plans – Allow users to subscribe to watch videos or listen to audios. You can allow users to preview a video or audio before we show subscription alert. You can enable or disable subscription on any video or audio.
  13. FCM Push Notifications – send push notifications from the admin panel
  14. Authentication System
  15. Password Retrieval/ Email confirmation mails.
  16. Comments/Replies/Likes
  17. Supports video/audio Playlists
  18. User Management, block, unblock or delete users from admin dashboard.
  19. Comments Management – publish, unpublish or delete any user comment from admin dashboard.
  20. Reported Comments – users can report offensive comments.
  21. Full documentation with detailed setup guide

Setup Livestreaming on your own server

If you are using a VPS server and you wish to have your own livestreaming server, we can for a small fee setup your server to support livestreams.
You can then use OBS or similar softwares to stream directly to your server.

Update Log. 22/04/2020

  1. Added support for church branches.
  2. support for Google Pay with stripe option for donations, please refer to the documentation on how you can make this available on your app.
  3. Changes to the homepage UI.
  4. There is now a social features of the app, users can follow people, make a post, upload videos/images etc.
  5. CHAT: coming soon.

Update Log. 02/04/2020

  1. Added support for hymns or worship lyrics.
  2. Added support for using coupon codes, admin can now generate coupon codes on the dashboard, users can enter the code to subscribe on the app.
  3. Home page images are now dynamic, meaning you can add image links on the admin settings page to change any of the images.
  4. There is now a donation button on the homepage.
  5. Users can now switch to only audio, videos or audio and video messages.
  6. You can now add an image on devotionals.

Update Log. 15/03/2020

Added support for the following

  • Moved the database table to downloadable json files.
  • Faster bible version downloads on the android app. Special thanks to J.MONZÓN

Update Log.

Added support for the following

  • Light and Dark Bible reading mode
  • Highlight bible verses in different colours
  • View Highlighted Bible verses in one place
  • Read full bible chapter
  • Built with latest version of Android Studio, Uses the latest technologies, room database, glide for image loading and retrofit for networking.
  • Easily customise each audio/video plan.
    Allow users to stream an audio/video for free, download an audio/video to device, preview few seconds of audio/video if streaming is not free.
  • Web admin panel to easily manage audio/videos and users. Upload/edit/delete audios/videos. block/unblock/delete your app android users. Send push notifications.
  • The app comes with a clean, functional and powerful mp4 video player to play online or downloaded videos.
  • Online/Offline Android mp3 audio player with support for background play, playlist shuffling, Audio visualiser, Audio equalizer, repeat on completion and many more.
  • Integrated elasticsearch for a powerful search feature, uploaded audio/video is instantly indexed, Auto suggestion when searching for audio/video.
  • Complete user authentication system. register, login & forgot password features. Send Mail Confirmation and Password Retrieval Link to users email.
  • App comes with support for pause with resumable downloads. Each audio/video can be customised to allow or disallow downloads.
  • Support for users to combine online and offline audios/videos to create audio/video playlist.
  • Users can react or give feedback through comments/replies and likes.

    App comes with support for emojis in comments.

  • Full documentation with detailed guide on how to quickly and easily install and get app running in few minutes.

Do we offer installation services?

Yes for a small fee, we can take away the hassles of setting up the project from you.

Send a mail to [email protected] if you want one of our developers to setup the project for you.

What do you benefit when you allow us set up the project for you :

  • Your web server will be installed with the necessary requirements and setup for the android project.
  • You get a customized android apk file signed with your credentials.

What we do not offer :

  • We do not upload the apk file to the google playstore for you.
  • We do not provide app images or assets.

My Church App – connect your church to a mobile world.
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My Church App – connect your church to a mobile world.
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