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My Dictionary 6.2
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My Dictionary 6.2
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My Dictionary 6.2


My Dictionary is a premium dictionary app template in android. For default the template app use database English-Indonesia language. With flat and fresh user interface can make user enjoying when use this app. Integrated with admob for your monetizing. You can categorize your favorites translate and share to your social media.


  • Implement Material Design
  • Material Drawer Menu
  • SQLite Database (English – Idonesia)
  • 15 Color Theme Chooser
  • Included Text To Speech
  • Admob & Interstitial Integrated
  • Categorize as Favorites
  • Share Word to Social Media
  • Edit word
  • Add new Word
  • Base Android Studio
  • Clean Code



 #version 6.2.1 - 15 Oct 21
- Update build tools library
- Update SDK version

 #version 6.2 - 12 Sep 19
- Migrate to AndroidX, 
- Fix empty data on pie

 #version 6.1 - 5 April 19
- Fix crash on pie device
- Update admob SDK to latest version
- Add AppConfig for admob
- Add banner for main page
- Update latest gradle tools
- Add menu More Apps

 #version 6.0 - 1 July 18
 -Update latest gradle tools
 -Add GDPR admob

 #version 5.0 - 21 April 16
 -Add category menu My Data
 -Add new menu My Word
 -Split user Db from Original Db
 -Remove feature Reset data
 -Add feature Rate this App
 -Add scheme upgdrade Original Db

 #version 2.0 - 12 Feb 16
 -Migrate to Android Material Design.
 -Migrate to Android Studio project base
 -Remove unuse dialog layout.
 -Remove unuse drawable.
 -Organize fragment class into spesific pakcage.
 -Change db file name 'database.sqlite'.
 -Neat all java sourcecode.
 -Update doc include instructions to customize database.



My Dictionary 6.2
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My Dictionary 6.2
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