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MySmartHome – iOS – Swift
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MySmartHome – iOS – Swift
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MySmartHome – iOS – Swift

Smart Home iOS App :
Home page contains :
o Lists the devices
o Filters them to show one or more types at the same time
o Can delete any device
Create a control page for each device type
o Lights: Mode ON/OFF and intensity management (0 – 100)
o Roller shutters: Set position using a vertical slider (0 – 100)
o Heaters: Mode ON/OFF and set the temperature with a step of 0.5 degrees (min: 7°, max 28°)

Create a user profile page where we can display and update all the informations.

—Technical informations –—-
Dark & Light Mode available

Programmatically UI (UIKit)

Language : Swift 5

Design Pattern : MVVM (Model View ViewModel)

Manage local database

Pods : RxSwift, RxCocoa, RealmSwift, IQKeyboardManagerSwift

Translating the app (french & english)


MySmartHome – iOS – Swift
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MySmartHome – iOS – Swift
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