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Neu Matta | Android UI Theme / Template App | Multipurpose Starter App
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Neu Matta | Android UI Theme / Template App | Multipurpose Starter App
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Neu Matta | Android UI Theme / Template App | Multipurpose Starter App

Neumatta UI Template App for Android

Prominent features

  • 40+ screens
  • Inspired by Neumorphism
  • Dark & Light mode
  • Firebase push notifications
  • Free updates
  • Developed in Kotlin

Neumatta is an Android app template packed with 40+ screens, which comes with a bunch of useful, easy to implement features. Its design is inspired by Neumorphism, a design trend that uses a subtle shadowing and highlights to give the elements a natural-looking 3D texture.

Developed in Kotlin – Google’s preferred language for Android app development

Neumatta is an Android starter app built completely in Kotlin, an open-source programming language created by JetBrains. Numerous popular Android mobile apps were built with Kotlin and some of them are Pinterest, Trello, Coursera, and others.

Android 10.0

Android apps built with Neumatta will be compatible with the latest version of Android OS – Android 10.0. It is significant to mention that this app template will also work on older versions of Android, but not older than version 4.4.

Firebase backend

All the backend maintenance and setup can distract you from your main goal – to build your app and generate revenue from it. The Android apps built with Neumatta will be powered by Firebase, a cloud-based platform owned and maintained by Google. All screens with dynamic content are connected to Firebase.

Light & Dark Mode

As you probably know, Google and Apple added Dark & Light modes in their latest OS releases, so it has become almost mandatory to allow app users to switch between these two options. Having this in mind, we added an option to switch between light & dark mode.


All 40+ screens included in this Android template are responsive and work flawlessly on every size of the device. We used ConstraintLayout on lists and cards so you are ready to create large and complex layouts too.

MailChimp integration – make the most of your e-mail marketing efforts

Neumatta Android app template comes with MailChimp integration, a software that gives you the ability to create and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated campaigns, etc. You only need to change the ID of your MailChimp list and you are done.

Push notifications

If you have ever implemented a custom push notification system from scratch, you are aware of the difficulty involved in setting up the basic infrastructure to send a simple message from your backend to a device. Neumatta app template enables you to send push notifications to your users easily over Firebase. Check out our detailed documentation to find out how to setup Firebase notifications.

Form validation

Form validation helps us to ensure that users fill out forms in the correct format. Neumatta Android app template form validation is already set up, so incomplete submits and empty fields won’t be an issue.

Customer support & free updates

We are aware that building an app with a template can become somewhat complicated, so we made sure that our customer support is at your disposal at any stage. For any issue you can’t resolve by following our in-depth documentation, you can contact our customer support via e-mail [email protected].

Another thing worth mentioning is lifetime free updates. After the purchase, every new update will be available free of charge.

List of mobile components available in Neumatta UI Template App for Android

We went out of our way to build an app template that will make your job as a developer as smooth as possible. Below you will find a list of mobile app components included in the Neumatta Android template app

  • List views – Expandable, Drag & drop, Swipe to dismiss, Expandable + Drag & drop + swipe to dismiss, item details
  • Cards
  • Parallax
  • Tabs
  • Onboarding wizard
  • Log in, register forgot password
  • Search
  • Image gallery
  • Dialogs
  • Progress bar
  • Small components
  • Splash screens

All these components can be easily integrated into your app by following instructions from our online documentation. If you wish to see all the components in action, you only need to download our apk.

Neu Matta | Android UI Theme / Template App | Multipurpose Starter App
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Neu Matta | Android UI Theme / Template App | Multipurpose Starter App
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