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Order Reviews for WooCommerce
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Order Reviews for WooCommerce
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Order Reviews for WooCommerce

Order Reviews for WooCommerce is a review and feedback capture plugin for WooCommerce that consists of various useful features.


  • Wait Period: How many hours after the order is completed the popup will first be shown to the user? (0 = instantly)
  • Again Period: After the popup is skipped, ask for review again after X hours. (0 = instantly)
  • Frequency: How many times the popup will show to customer if skipped? (0 = unlimited)
  • Force Write Feedback: If checked, users must have to write a feedback.
  • Force Feedback for Bad Rating: If checked, users must have to write a feedback if the rating is equal to or less than 3.
  • Force Review: Force customer to give a review and hide the skip button.
  • Custom Colors: Turn on if you want to use your own custom colors.
  • Popup Color Settings: Customize color to background, text, button, input box and more.
  • Review Info Color Settings: Control colors of background, font size, font weight, text color, and so on.
  • Show Order Time: Display the order time in popup.
  • Popup Content Settings: Control/Update the texts on popup such as Feedback Text, Footer Text, Placeholders and so on.
  • Review Description Interface: Feedback will be shown under single product page > bottom > reviews for each products user purchased in a single order.
  • Popup Designs: Elegant popup design for order reviews, and more coming in next update.
  • and much more.

Order Reviews for WooCommerce
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Order Reviews for WooCommerce
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