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PHP InfoCar Plugin (Car Make/Model/Trim)
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PHP InfoCar Plugin (Car Make/Model/Trim)
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PHP InfoCar Plugin (Car Make/Model/Trim)

Plugin for retrieving technical information of any vehicle with large database that contains 60000+ vehicles.

In Live Version you can see the information from demo DB that contains only 83 vehicles.
After buying the plugin you will have Full Version that contains 60000+ vehicles. The usage of Full Version you can see in the Video Preview.

Plugin Features:

1. Greatest DB with 60000+ vehicles and full information of any vehicle like cars, cargo vans etc.
2. Two search modes: Linear and Freely Mode
3. In Linear Mode next filter will be open only if was selected previous and contains 4 filters : Year, Make, Model and Trim
4. In Freely Mode you can search with multiple filters
5. Drag & Drop filters in Freely Mode
6. After selecting the certain vehicle you have the possibility to view some pictures of this one
7. Fully Ajaxed
8. Using of Infinite Scrolling in Freely Mode for list of vehicles
9. PDO_MYSQL driver used for DB management

If you want to receive email updates on your database, after buying the plugin send me your email address via internal message system of nulledhero.

Updates log:

Version 1.1 (21/06/2017)

  1. Was added 4,720 new models for 2016 and 2017 to the database.

Version 1.0 (15/12/2016)

  1. Initial release

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PHP InfoCar Plugin (Car Make/Model/Trim)
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PHP InfoCar Plugin (Car Make/Model/Trim)
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