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Plants Well
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Plants Well
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Plants Well

PlantsWell is an app that reminds you to water your houseplants. This app will help you save many lives. This app will track all your plants and notify you when attention is needed. It contains many features all together in single app. You can rack all your plants in your home as well as you’ll get notification when plants need water and for that users just have to set time whether it’s morning, noon or in the evening. Users can also delete reminder and set new reminder instead. App also support for watering intervals from one day to ten days. You can get detail description of plants’ diseases and treatments along with image so you can identify diseases easily and give treatments to your plants if needed. It also contains information about plants’ deficiencies and solutions. It contains thorough information about plants’ importance too.


– Track all plants in your home

– Receive notification when a plant needs water

– Configure notifications (reminders) time – in the morning, at noon or in the evening

– Delete Reminder

– Support for watering intervals from one day to ten days

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– Plants Diseases and Treatments

– Plants Deficiencies and Solutions

– Plants Importance

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Plants Well
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Plants Well
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