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Pollate – Premium Polls and Voting Platform
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Pollate – Premium Polls and Voting Platform
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Pollate – Premium Polls and Voting Platform

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+ Quick Overview:
+ Video tutorial:

Pollate Poll Social Script is an awesome dynamic PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to create polls and display the result as many types. It has been built from scratch using the latest web technologies available such as PHP7, HTML5, and CSS3.

+ What is new in v2

  1. Add payments system (Buy Plans )   
    – See Poll Statistics by Gender    
    – See Poll Statistics by Age    
    – See Poll Statistics by Location
    – Export Poll statistics
    – Make more than 5 polls a month 
    – Get more than 25 votes a month 
    – … All from the admin section
  2. Add credits paid system for users
    – 1 point = $0.001 (manage from cPanel)
  3. Add Questions statistics (Gender, Age, Location)
  4. Add Pinned Poll feature
  5. Add Multiple votes or single votes (checkbox or radio)
  6. Add RTL support+ Add Registration by Email
  7. cPanel 
    – Manage languages (Add/Edit/Delete) 
    – Disable/Enable voting info for visitors 
    – Facebook sidebar box 
    – Disable/Enable Social media and social media info 
    – Disable/Enable Plans
    – Add draggable sorting in pages
    – Manage credit points
    – Questions in home page
    – Payment – Credits (Payout) 
    – manage ads
    – Forget Password message
    – User Verifications by email message
  8. Crop photos before upload
  9. Fix bugs (icons, edit poll, sql strict mode, subscribers, User Verifications by email, Responsive, notifications, code editor, admin paginations)

Live Demo

+ Login as admin (link)—[username: khalid; password: khalid]

Some Features:

  • Advanced Polling System
  • Full poll statistics by gender, location… exporting statistics as pdf
  • Multi polls type (supporting single image and multi images voting and yes/no).
  • Membership System (Follow & Unfollow, Tags, Ban, Verified Accounts)
  • Multi-Languages system.
  • Categories, comments, flagged polls…
  • Full management (add, edit, delete, hide).
  • Full administration you manage with it every single thing on the script.
  • Multi admins.
  • Multiple votes or single votes (checkbox or radio)
  • Polls can expire after a certain number of days, hours and minutes (datepicker).
  • Beautiful iFrame code Embed so you can place your polls on other website.
  • Point system (adding points automatically when commenting, voting…).
  • Users can also register using social media accounts (support: facebook, twitter and google).
  • Notifications system for every member.
  • Subscribers with Excel exporting.
  • Beautiful HTML5 and Animations with fully responsive design
  • Cross-Browser
  • Quick & Easy Installer
  • Extensive Documentation
  • && a lot more features…

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Pollate – Premium Polls and Voting Platform
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Pollate – Premium Polls and Voting Platform
Free Download Link: