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QuickQR – Saas – Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker
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QuickQR – Saas – Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker
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QuickQR – Saas – Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker

Best QR Code Digital Menu Maker & Instant Ordering System

Start a business with this Contactless Restaurant QR Code Menu Maker within 5 minutes.
With the help of this qr code digital menu builder, customers can scan the QR code and check the menu on their phones.

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Online Demo

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Admin Panel: (Click Here)

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QuickQR contactless QR menu maker / Digital QR code instant ordering system is the perfect tool for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, pizzerias, hotels, and other types of business to provide their customers the ability to view your restaurant’s menu with an attractive digital QR menu and help them place their order with a few simple clicks from their own device. Use QuickQR digital QR menu maker and impress your clients with service speed, amplify your reach, save valuable time to “wait for waiter” because your customers deserve smarter tables. To begin, follow these steps:

For Restaurants

  1. Register and create Your Restaurant’s account.
  2. Go to the menu page and create your menu.
  3. Print your QR codes for tables, and wait for orders!

For customers

  1. Use the phone camera or QR Application to scan the code.
  2. Scroll around the menu and make your order.
  3. Your order is instantly received, and it’s coming!

Why Its Required

To prevent the spread of COVID, it is necessary to avoid social distance and contact with objects. Due to this, the QR Code menu or contactless digital menu must-have for all restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels nowadays.
It is time to say goodbye to the physical menu as the QR Code has ushered in a new era of food in the age of coronavirus.
Also, it helps you to avoid wastage of unwanted time, for example, waiting for the order, order delivery, or billing, which happens in most of the cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Considering all these things, there is no harm in adopting the contactless QR code menu, on the contrary, all these issues can be resolved by its implementation.

Benefits of QR Code Menu

Become eco-friendly

QR code menu allows customers to reduce the cost and waste of printing single-use paper menu and safely browse your menus from their own device.

Offer easiest and safest experience

Provide your customers the contactless system to instantly view your digital menus! No app download is required.

Add QR Code to anything.

Download QR code and print on anything from menus to marketing materials like flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards.

Quick QR menu delivery

Our pre-designed QR template makes it easy to create your menu quickly.

Easy menu updates.

Fastly change your menu items, prices, and descriptions that appear on your digital menu without reprinting your QR menu every time.

Menus according customer behavior

Find out which items your customers like most and which are most common.

How to make a contactless digital QR Code menu for your restaurant or bar?

The easy and quick process of creating a QR Code menu makes QuickQR the best QR menu maker among others. In less than a minute create your restaurant’s menu QR Code with this no contact digital menu maker.

It helps your customers to instantly communicate with you, at every moment. Take a look at these 4 steps restaurant’s menu creation process.

Step 1: Go to QuickQR’s QR Code Manage Restaurant

In this first step you need to fill in your restaurant’s information like restaurant Name, subtitle, restaurant timing, description of your restaurant, logo image, cover image, address location, etc. Also, you have an option to allow your customer to send an order or not. Why QuickQR is the best QR Code menu maker because of its unique and advance multi-template feature that allows you to choose which template you want to show your customer.

Step 2: Create a Restaurant Menu

Create your menu categories and their dishes or item, upload item images, add as much information as you want about the dishes you offer. Add extras to your menu item. You have the option to set the availability of an item and extras.

Step 3: Design QR Code

QR Code generator allows you to design QR code as you want. You can change the foreground color, background color, padding, corner radius, etc.

Also, you have the option to choose a mode of QR code with logo (set your logo icon in QR code), text (add your restaurant text or title in QR Code), or basic. change the size of the logo icon and text or its position to look perfect.

Step 4: Download a high-quality QR Code

You have the option to download the QR Code in PNG format. Once downloaded QR Code, you can apply it in anything print materials from menus to marketing materials like flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards. We provide 3 pre-design QR template (Flyer), you can download them and edit them to print and online advertising.
No need to reprinting your QR menu every time, you can live updates to your digital menu any time.

Main Features

  • Simple wizard installation and upgrade.
  • Membership system
  • Multiple Payment Gateways support
  • Bootstrap – Classic Design – New php classified ads script
  • Multi-language Support (Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese Included)
  • Powerful Admin panel for controlling your site.
  • New pages (FAQ, Contact Us, Feedback, Privacy and Terms)
  • E-mail external services like: SMTP, PHPMail, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill
  • SEO optimized
  • Change the currency
  • Transaction History
  • Facebook Login
  • Google+ Login
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Google and OpenStreet maps integrated
  • Google captcha integrated
  • Easy to edit html template files.
  • Fully Responsive
  • And many more…

Payment Methods


First of all, copy code folder and paste to your server/localhost.

  • Run the QuickQR directory.
  • It will redirect to /install directory.
    • Step 1: Choose language. and click Next
    • Step 2: Create a database with phpmyadmin.
    • Step 3: Enter database dbhostname,dbusername,dbpassword,dbname. and click Next
    • Step 4: Enter Admin login details. and click Next
  • All is done Installation completed. click on frontend and enjoy with QuickQR script

System Requirements

PHP 7.0.0 or greater
OpenSSL PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
PHP Zip Archive
Rewrite Module (Apache or Nginx)


= Version 6.3.4 = 22 Nov 2021
* Added - Integrated Razorpay payment gateway
* Fixed - Minor issues
= Version 6.3.3 = 18 Nov 2021
* Added - Integrated 4 new payment gateways (Telr, Paytabs, Midtrans, Iyzico)
* Added - Language switcher on the order page
* Fixed - Minor issues
= Version 6.3 = 7 Nov 2021
* Fixed - QR Scan count
* Fixed - New variant issue
= Version 6.2 = 25 Oct 2021
* Added - Menu Variants
* Added - Call the Waiter Feature for the Flipbook theme
* Added - Veg/Non-veg menu type for the classic theme
* Added - Enable/Disable new order email notification
* Added - Add new menu item with different extra items
* Added - Improved the page load speed
* Fixed - minor issues
= Version 6.1.1 = 21 July 2021
* Added - Show/hide Call the Waiter option
* Added - Language variables
* Fixed - minor issues
= Version 6.1

= 18 July 2021 * Added - Call the Waiter Feature * Added - Restaurant Color * Added - Default plan for new users * Fixed - minor issues

= Version 6.0.1 = 08 June 2021
* Fixed - minor issues
= Version 6.0 = 01 June 2021
* Added - Restaurant Delivery Charges
* Improved - Payment Flow
* Fixed - Order printing in old browsers
* Fixed - minor issues
= Version 5.9.2 = 20 May 2021
* Added - Order print option
= Version 5.9.1 = 05 May 2021
* Fixed - Admin login issue
= Version 5.9 = 02 May 2021
* Added - Allow admin to login as a user
* Added - More payment gateways for restaurant order
* Fixed - RTL issues fixed.
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.8 = 21 March 2021
* Added - Multi-Language Menu
* Fixed - RTL issues fixed.
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.7 = 6 Feb 2021
* Added - Subcategory for the menu.
* Improved - Menu description is optional now.
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.6.1 = 5 Feb 2021
* Fixed - QR code scan issue.
= Version 5.6.1 = 5 Feb 2021
* Fixed - Restaurant URL issue.
= Version 5.6 = 5 Feb 2021
* Added - Restaurant slug added, now you can use the URL.
* Added - WhatsApp Ordering integrated (Compatible with QuickOrder Addon)
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.5 = 16 Jan 2021
* Added - Allow restaurant owners to add their credentials for online payment
* Added - Allow admin to enable/disable online payment
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.4 = 15 Jan 2021
* Added - Allow takeaway and delivery orders
* Added - Allow customers to pay online
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.3 = 26 Dec 2020
* Added - Allow users to change menu categories position
* Added - Allow users to change menu position
* Added - Allow users to change menu extras position
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.2 = 17 Dec 2020
* Added - Flipbook style restaurant template.
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.1 = 6 Dec 2020
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 5.0 = 5 Dec 2020
* Improved - Membership System
* Added - Free membership plan
* Added - Trial membership plan
* Added - Custom settings for the plan
* Added - Taxes
* Added - Allow admin to change user plan
* Added - Paypal recurring payment
* Added - Stripe recurring payment
* Added - Invoice
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 4.2 = 4 Nov 2020
* Added - Live order notification with notification sound
* Added - Menu available/unavailable option
* Fixed - Arabic Version fixed
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 4.1.2 = 3 Nov 2020
* Fixed - Language variables not showing in admin
= Version 4.1.1 = 1 Nov 2020
* Fixed - Paypal related issue
= Version 4.1 = 1 Nov 2020
* Added - Whole new QR Generator (With Image and Text)
* Added - Price formatter
* Fixed - Page delete issue
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 4.0 = 29 Oct 2020
* Added - New Restaurant page template
* Added - Allow/Disallow Customers to send order
* Fixed - Redirect to the dashboard after login
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 3.0 =
* Added - Send order to the restaurant
* Added - Manage orders
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 2.1 =
* Added - Add order button in the menu
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 2.0 =
* Added - Menu Extras
* Added - Create order and view order list
* Added - Text editor for restaurant description
* Added - Sitemap xml
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.
= Version 1.1 =
* Added - Compatible with Mollie payment gateway
* Added - Restaurant Currency
* Added - Restaurant Menu Layout (With Image, Without Image)
* Fixed - Minor issues fixed.

QuickQR – Saas – Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker
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QuickQR – Saas – Contactless Restaurant QR Menu Maker
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