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Random Runner – HTML 5 Game
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Random Runner – HTML 5 Game
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Random Runner – HTML 5 Game

Random Runner is a funny arcade game in oldschool style! There are four playable characters and you need to collect coins to unlock them all. There are three unique features. The first feature is a random generation of level – it is created from ten different parts (sectors) and the order of them is totally random. The second feature – you will not die because of running into the wall. The character will stop in this case and the camera will move slower for some time giving you time to jump. After that the character will move a little faster to reduce distance between him and camera. The third feature is a button in the right corner – push it and your character will fall faster (use space bar on keyboard).
This game has no end – play so long as you wish!

If your intention is to export the game to Android, iOS, Windows or other, in the file there is a file Contruct ready to export! Add adsense and earn money!

Must have a license Construct program. Get it now

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Random Runner – HTML 5 Game


Random Runner – HTML 5 Game
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