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RasterPro – Halftone Image Generator
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RasterPro – Halftone Image Generator
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RasterPro – Halftone Image Generator

RasterPro is a Javascript plugin that generates high-quality halftone images right on a web page. It provides most popular halftone patterns, standard raster settings, output resolution control, color randomization and even some image processing.
RasterPro is responsive, fast and lightweight solution based on HTML5 Canvas. So, it will fit any web page.


  • Works everywhere.
    Supports all browsers and platforms.
  • 11 basic patterns.
    Each pattern can be inverted. It gives a total of 22 unique patterns.
  • Responsive.
    3 scaling modes: “cover”, “fit” and “none”.
  • Lightweight.
    Vanilla JavaScript, no dependencies.
  • Fast.
    Based on HTML5 Canvas, doesn’t affect DOM.
  • Standard raster settings.
    Define pattern, dot size and color, raster angle and much more.
  • Advanced color randomization.
    Randomize dot color both globally and per RGB-component.
  • Image processing.
    Change brightness & contrast, invert image.
  • Output resolution control.
    Define output image size specifying width or height or both.
  • Multiple instance support.
    Create 2 or more halftones on one page.
  • Many use cases.
    Halftone JS plugin. Halftone image generator. Сreative effects tool. Сolor matching tool. Abstract background generator.
  • Saves traffic.
    Get large halftone image based on an instantly loaded small source image.
  • Rich API.
    Modify halftone image at any time using Javascript.
  • Online settings generator.
    Adjust everything in visual mode and get well formatted text with settings.
  • Source code.
    Includes uncompressed javascript code. It is well formatted and commented.
  • Examples of use.
    Take any example and use it as a starting point.
  • Clear documentation.
    Includes quick start guide and detailed description of settings and API.
  • Friendly support.
    Feel free to contact us via comments or private message.

RasterPro – Halftone Image Generator
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RasterPro – Halftone Image Generator
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