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Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand
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Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand
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Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand

– Version: 1.1.0 (Big Update)
– Last Update: 02-Feb-2022
– Developed New App From Scratch with Kotlin ktx, Viewbinding, Material Ui, Glide for cache, Retrofit for Networking & MVVM pattern for Code
– Re Design New App with better APP UI/UX experience
– Developed backend from scratch with laravel 8 framework and with new Database Structure
– New Features (POS, Warehouse Management, Purchase, Sale and Accounts Module)
– New Admin Panel Developed with Vuejs (SPA)
– Maximum utilization of Laravel framework with Models, Traits (Api Response), Services, Repository Design Pattern, Resource Api, Request Validation, Soft Deletion, Observers, Event and Listener
– Secure API end Points with Token Based Authentication (Passport , JWT)
– Laravel Exception Handling
– Proper Database Migrations and Seeders
Payment Gateways: Cash on Delivery (COD), Bank Transfer(BT), PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, Authorized.Net, Mollie, OpenPay, SagePay, RazorPay, PayTM …

– Files Included: Full Item Source Code Including Laravel CMS & Mobile Application Source Code
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from nulledhero

– Separate Website Item is Available.
– Both Mobile App & CMS have one Single Admin Panel.
Laravel Ecommerce

Rawal – Android Ecommerce Mobile Application Solution

Rawal eCommerce Mobile Application Solution is a finished e-commerce Platform to effectively begin your online e-commerce business. It has an incredible administrator board for overseeing items, classifications, orders, Reports, POS, and Inventory Management frameworks.

Rawal e-commerce multi-reason app for any sort of business. It is a superior method to introduce your e-commerce business. You can sell food, gadgets, design items, Digital Products, and commercial centers.
Rawal E-commerce is amazingly advanced for giving clients the best buying experience.
Rawal helps you to create a phenomenal shopping experience for your valued customers. This provides you with enormous amounts of ready-to-use e-commerce app templates that you can easily utilize in your business app. It contains all those modern-day trendy features that allow you to design a app that truly represents your vision.

With the item, you have on your table, scores of different app home screens ,Slider
Styles, multiple language and currency options. Yet the best part is its easy to use & friendliness because you mean business and more sales. We are always keen to keep adding more features and would keep updating them from time to time. You can pick and choose certain components that you find handy for your app, or may also use the entire pack in your e-commerce application.

Rawal – Demos

Application Demos

Fashion Store:
Grocery Store:

CMS Demo

Owner Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Admin Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Manager Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Purchaser Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Accountant Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Data Entry Operator Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Biller/POS Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Biller2/POS Login:

username: [email protected]
password: 123

Rawal Android Mobile Application Features

  • Application Settings to Achieve Any Look and Feel of Customer Application
  • Multiple Home Sections
  • Multiple Categories
  • Multiple Home Page Banners Styles
  • 22+ Product Card Styles
  • Multi Language – Fully Supported RTL
  • Multi Currency
  • Multiple Payment Methods(Paypal, Stripe, COD)
  • One Signal Push Notification
  • Product Share
  • Product Wishlist
  • Product Rating & Reviews
  • Top Selling Section
  • User Control Panel
  • Orders Management
  • User Address Management
  • Product Card Tags
  • And Many More Features…

POS management

We have introduced a POS system in the CMS which can handle sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and robust integrations.
A feature-rich POS software provides a huge range of capabilities such as billing and order processing, sales monitoring and reporting, inventory tracking, returns, analytics, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and loyalty programs.

Quotation Management:

We have introduced a Quotation Management System which allows a company to create, submit and track quotes and invoices.
The Quotation Management System is an open-source web-based application. You can add the following information on the CMS:
Biller information, Purchaser information, Customer information, Warehouse, Quotation Status and, total.

Advanced Inventory

We have introduced Advanced inventory in which you can manage multiple Warehouses at a single time. All the items that are purchase sold returned in the system will be deducted and added in the warehouse that you have added in the system.

Accounting Management System

We have introduced Accounting reports in our system in which you can maintain the balance sheet, Trail balance, Cash flow, Expense reports and Ledger reports.

Sale Return Management:

We have introduced Sale/Returns management that involves interfacing with customers who wish to return a product, and then collecting,
organizing, and restocking inventory that has been returned or exchanged. Returns management goes beyond the final delivery and is not
used for every customer order. You can add Sale ID, Customer name, Warehouse Name, Description, Quantity, Payable Amount, Paid Amount, Tax Amount, Sale Date, and Due amount.

Customers Management:

In this feature, you can manage the customer’s Data. You can even add/remove Customers here. To add customer’s data, you need to add
the ID, first name, last name, Status and Edit/remove.

Purchase Management:

Purchasing management includes (and not only) the following expertise: Supplier Management.
Cost and Cost Reduction Management. Ramp up / slow down Management. You can add the following information on Purchase Management.
First name, Last Name, Address, Phone no, Mobile, City, Country, State

Roles/Permission Management:

In this section, you can introduce the roles of the management. You can give Admin privilege to other users, editor access, or limited access.

Trial Balance:

We have introduced trial balance as a bookkeeping worksheet in which the balances of all ledgers are compiled into debit and credit account column totals that are equal.

Cash Flow:

We have introduced a Cash flow feature in which you can calculate the net amount of cash and cash equivalents being transferred into and out of a business. Cash received represents inflows, while money spent represents outflows. You can select Account, Date Range, and Transaction Type.

Payment Account Reports:

We have added Payment Report displays Receivables and/or Payables information which can be filtered by an extensive set of available filters. Receivables and/or Payables information is shown grouped by the payment status, besides additional grouping and ordering criteria can also be defined.

Products Management:

In this section, you will manage the products you have various settings in this section you can add the product. Products can be of different types: single product, variable product. Product Units will be added in this section as well. Product Variation. Product attributes, product brands, product category management, Product Reviews, Product Stock management, and Stock Transfer Management.

Expense Management:

We have introduced Expense Management which is a system for processing expense reports, approvals, and a sum paid to cover the money that has been spent or lost. Through Expense management we cannot only track employee spending but also determine how the organization will reimburse the costs incurred. It also applies the procedures and policies used to control this type of spending.

Profit/Loss Report:

We have introduced a profit and loss report that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period, usually a fiscal quarter or year. This indicates how the revenues are transformed into net income or net profit. You can generate the report as per your requirements.

Sale Report:

Through this report, you come to know about the business sale and its activities for a selected date range of all the products or the specific selected product that we deal in. It also shows the trending sale items. This report helps you to assess how well the products are doing.

Purchase Report:

We have introduced a Purchase report from which you identify what items/products you have purchased till the selected date range. This will change in the number of inventories. This will generate a complete summary of all products that you have purchased from the supplier.

Supplier Report:

We have introduced a Supplier report, in which you can come to know about what you have purchased from the supplier and in return what you have paid for it. It will also show the current balance of the supplier with all detailed transactions.

Customer Report:

A customer report allows you to know what a customer has purchased from you and what a customer has paid for it. It included all detailed transactions made between you and the customer. Also, show the current balance of the customer.

Stock Report:

One of the most important reports that give you information about a stock. This report tells you how much inventory/stock is present in your warehouse. You can also check the stock of the specific date by the search filter. It gives the summary of the stock making sure to check

Expense Report:

From this report, you can track your business spending. It includes all types of expenses you made from your business. With the help of this report, you can compare the current month’s expense with the previous month’s expense that will control your expense in a better way.

Product Compare

We have introduced the product compare feature where you can compare different products at the same time to compare the price differences.

Multiple News/Blog Pages

You can select multiple styles for the blog pages we have made multiple options for users to select.

Multiple product card styles

We have pre-made multiple product card styles you can choose from as per your requirements.

User Control Panel

We have introduced multiple options for users on the CMS that you can manage an account, add a profile picture, sign up through social media, and see order history. You can also see the products that you have added to the wish list.

Orders Management

We have introduced orders Management in which you can manage the orders. You can change the status of the order, cancel the order and check order history.

Multi Currency and Language

To understand the basic requirements of our customers, this feature is built-in and ready for use. Our RTL feature is optimized for any client.

Grid / List Product Options

Rawal uses a grid and lists options for the product. You can see 2 different styles of products, grids, and lists.

User Account, Cart, Checkout

All crucial page templates are designed and developed to ensure your online shop will provide as smooth and engaging a user experience as possible.

Excellent Support & Documentation including

The download package includes links to online documentation. It covers all crucial information about how to get started and customize templates.


We have introduced 2 ways for push notification. Either you can use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging ) Or you can use One signal.
For FCM settings you need to create a project on Firebase. Use it API Key, Authentication Domain, Database URL, Project ID, Storage bucket, And Sender ID.
For One Signal you need to add the one signal App Id and Sender ID for it to work on the CMS.

Invoice Feature:

In CMS we have introduced the Invoice Feature in which you can generate the invoice for one or multiple customers. All you need to do is add the Invoice Address, Invoice Email, Mobile number, Phone number, Invoice logo, Invoice Prefix, and invoice footer.

Product Wishlist

We have introduced a product wishlist feature in which you can save the products for future reference if you want to buy them.

Barcode Feature:

We have introduced the barcode setting for the products for POS. Following things are required for the barcode to work:
The ID of the product, Name, Continuous-Feed/Rolls, Top Margin, Sticker Heights, Sticker Width, Paper width, and Paper Height. Sticker in one row, Sticker between 2 rows, Distance between 2 columns, Sticker per sheet, and Actions. Once you have filled in this information you will be able to Run POS.

Theme styling:

In Theme settings, you can select the styles for Header, Slider, Full-Width Banner, Tab Style, Banner Style, Brand Slider, Flash Sale, News Slider and Footer Style. Once you have selected the options for theming styles then you can hit the submit button.

SEO Content:

In SEO content you can add SEO title, SEO Meta Tag, SEO Keywords and SEO Description. Once you have finalized the SEO Content then you can submit it.

Application Settings:

You can manage the application from CMS rather than editing the source code. You can edit Styles for Header, Slider, Banners, Tab Style, Brand Sliders, Footer styles and many more.

Banner Management:

In this section you can change the banners as per your requirements as we have made, you will have multiple options for all the banners that are on the CMS. All you need to do is click on the desired banner, upload a new image, and boom it’s done.

Multi Language Fully Supported RTL

You can introduce Mutiple Languages in your system and position them as per your need. RTL or LTR

Warehouse Management:

In this section you can add the information about your warehouse. You can add the information as warehouse name, Code of a warehouse, phone number, Email, and status if the warehouse is inactive or not.

Payment Gateways:

In this section we have introduced multiple build-in payment gateways that you can activate as per your region and requirements. All you need to do is activate the payment gateway that you want on your CMS and add its API credentials that you can get while creating the account on the Payment gateway CMS. We have also introduced a sandbox and live environment for the payment gateway to check before making it live on the CMS.

Shipping Methods:

Local Pickup, Free Shipping, Shipping by weight, and flat rate. You can select any of the above shipping methods and select the shipping rate as per your requirements.

Tax settings:

In this section you can define the ratio of your tax ratio. You can add the tax name with the percentage that you are going to deduct.

Coupon Settings:

There are two types of coupons in the coupon section, fixed and percentage. Users can add and remove any coupon at any given time. The fixed coupon allows you to give a fixed amount off whereas the percentage coupon gets a percentage off from the total order.

Change Logs:

Version 0.1.1 – Released Date: 03 Dec 2017

- Fixed Some Minor Issues

Version 0.2.0 – Released Date: 14 December 2017

We have updated cms to latest technologies:
- Laravel 5.5
App & CMS New Features:
- Added Runtime Permissions of Location, Camera, Storage and PhoneState
- PayPal Integration
- AdMob  
- App Share
- Rate This App
- Ability to translate CMS to any language
- Ability to select app home screen and category screen from CMS
- Ability to manage app navigation links from CMS 
- Changed UI of UpdateAccount
- Changed UI of SettingsFragment
- Fixed Scheduled Local Notifications Bug
- Fixed Map Scrolling Bug on Contact Us page
- Fixed some more bugs & Improvements. 

Version 0.2.1 – Released Date: 29 December 2017

Cms Issues Fixed:
- Special Product - Remove comments from line no 328 to 330 from  appHttpControllersAppMyProductContrroller.php 
- Replace these lines in editProduct.blade.php on line number 111

- Some cms labels were missing
update file resourcelangenlabels.php 
update file resourcesviewsadminEditProduct.blade.php 
- Replace these lines in CustomersController.php
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];
$customers_email_address = $user['email'];    
$customers_email_address = '';

Version 0.2.2 – Released Date: 07 Feb 2018

App & CMS New Features:
- OneSignal Notification Integrated
- Added option to select OneSignal or FCM from CMS
- Optional Image Notification from CMS
- Added the ability to register device to CMS using OneSignal 
- Auto notification and email on User Signup, Order Status Change, Add New Product, Add New News, Forgot Password.
- Manage Notification/Email Settings From CMS
App Issues Fixed:
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 
- Fixed Coupon Apply Error
- Fixed app crashes on startup
- Fixed Notification Click starts new activity issue
- Fixed Empty Filters message issue on Viewpager's Fragments
- Moved Bottom Loader to the center of the Splash Screen
- Changed Price Formatting to two decimal points (0.0 to 0.00)
- Changed Logout Button Text to Login after LoggedOut in Settings
- Changed Retrofit's Synchronous Request scenario in StartAppRequests
Cms Issues Fixed:
- Bug Fixes and code improvements. 
- Products status bug fixed in appHttpControllersAppMyProductController.php
- Language Translation Bug Fixes.
- 'languages' table altered, extend characters length for field name 'code'

Version 0.2.3 – Released Date: 12 Feb 2018

- Update CMS Pages
- Bug Fixes and Code improvements. 

Version 0.2.4 – Released Date: 17 Feb 2018

- Minor Bug Fixes and Code Improvements. 

Version 0.2.5 – Released Date: 22 Feb 2018

- Notification image and language code bug has been fixed in cms.
- Implemented Image Notification in App
- Fixed Cart Items Price Issue
adapters ->
utils ->
services ->

Version 0.2.6 – Released Date: 27 Feb 2018

- Bug Fixes in Application

Version 0.2.7 – Released Date: 03 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in Application
Changed Cart Product's Price Format
Fixed Edit Text character validation issue
Fixed Push Notification enable/disable issue
- Files affected:
utils ->
adapters ->
fragments ->
- Update following cms file.

Version 0.2.8 – Released Date: 15 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in Application
Fixed validation on some fields. 
- File affected:
utils ->
- Bug Fixes in CMS
Notification service enable/disable bug is fixed.
Currency symbol was missing.
Email notification bug is fixed.
Delete language will delete all labels and content against this language is fixed.
Disable payment setting bug while saving.
Enable/disable option for email and push notification on place order was missing. 
In Database table 'alert_settings', we added two fields
- File affected:

Version 0.2.9 – Released Date: 21 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Notification bug is fixed while placing order.
Redirect url issue after delete language is resolved. 
- Files affected:
- Bug Fixes in App
Fixed "Internal Server Error" on Checkout
Fixed Cart and Checkout crashes on other languages than English
Files affected:
adapters ->
adapters ->
fragments ->

Version – Released Date: 30 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Address service bug is fixed.
Translation of payment method and shipping methods is added.
- File affected
- Database
2 new tables are added payment_description, shipping_description
- Bug Fixes in App
Fixed MultiDex issues
Fixed crashes on view Order_Details
Fixed Shipping and Payment Methods translation issue
updated build sdk version
updated android support libraries
updated google services libraries
- File added:
adapters >
- Files affected:
app > build.gradle (Module:app)
app > build.gradle (Project:ecommerce)
activities >
adapters >
adapters >
databases >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
network >
models > order_model>
models > order_model>
models > payment_model >
models > shipping_model >

Version – Released Date: 31 March 2018

- Bug Fixes in App
Fixed disabled payment method issue on checkout screen
- Files affected:
fragments >

Version – Released Date: 05 April 2018

- Bug Fixes in CMS
Order email to admin is added.
- Files affected:
SQL dump has been updated, previous two db dump releases cause 500 error issue. 
- Bug Fixes in App
Fixed Internal Server Error on Checkout
Fixed Error casting DrawableWrapper to LayerDrawable
- Files affected:
network >
activities >
activities >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >

Version – Released Date: 31 May 2018

- Bug Fixes in Application
Fixed Image Picker crashes on android > 23
Fixed Share Product crashes on android > 23
Fixed Cart Badge icon issue on android  provide_paths.xml
- Files affected:
layout > dialog_webview_fullscreen.xml
activities >
activities >
activities >
activities >
adapters >
app >
constant >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
fragments >
network >
utils >
utils >
utils >

Version 0.3.0 – Released Date: 27 July 2018

- Secured App API
- Compatible with LaravelEcommerce website item
- Restructure Database
- Fixed app crashes on android > 23
- Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 0.3.1 – Released Date: 04 Aug 2018

- Duplicate products issue is resolved.
- Delete product attribute issue is resolved.
- Update tax issue is resolved.

Version 0.3.2 – Released Date: 02 Sep 2018

- Upload multiple product images issue fixed in cms.
- Facebook setting issue fixed in cms.

Version 0.3.3 – Released Date: 15 Dec 2018

New Features:
- Loading Speed Improvements in application.
- Instamojo payment method added for our Indian Customers
- Product types are added. i) Simple ii) Variable iii) External
- Products are associated with multi categories.
- Products stock can be managed according to the products types.
- Products Attributes based inventory management added 
- Products stock min/max stock is added.
- Calculate shipping price by products weight
- Free shipping over set order total feature added
- Multi admin feature (admin role) is added with assigning privileges.
App Bugs Fixes:
- Minor bug fixes and improvements in application 
Admin panel CMS Bugs Fixes:
- Delete product attribute bug is fixed.
- Update tax bug is fixed.
- Additional products image bug is fixed.
- Facebook secret key missing is added.
- Admin panel links corrected.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Restructure and Normalize Entire Database with new Tables and Table Fields.
- Admin Roles table is added.
- Admin Types table is added
- Site logo and site name in setting table.
- Products options / options description table added
- Products options values / options values description table added
- Products detail left and right banner with expiry date fields are added.
- Constant banner table is added.
- Orders table transaction_id field is added for payment methods.
- Products shipping rates table is added to manage shipping rate by product weight.

Version 0.3.4: Released Date: 25 Jan 2019

App New Features:
- Flash Sale
- Variable Products (Product Can distinguish against color and size)
Bug Fixes:
- Bug in order details (Fixed)
- Bug in apply coupon (Fixed)
- Bug in coupon applied checkout total (Fixed)
- Bug in product description addToCart Button (Fixed)
- Garbage files upload (Fixed)
- CMS Bugs Fixes & improvements
Improvements and Crashes:
- Crash in apply coupon (Fixed)
- Improve signup and update user account (reduce api calling time)
- Improvement in Setting and Contact US

Version 1.0: Released Date: 27 Sep 2019

- Major Release
- Restructured Entire Project inlcuded front end, back-end, app api services and database.
- Update Laravel version to 5.8
- Multi currency feature
- Installation wizard
- Updater from admin to update all future updates with single click
- Merger to merge laravel ecommerce, ionic ecommerce and android ecommerce project with single click 
- And many more features & improvements

Version 1.0.1: Released Date: 10 Oct 2019

- Fixed Purchase code verification bug in installer 
Admin Updates:
- Home page theme setting fixes
- Enable multiple cart page, product detail page, contact us page and shop page
- Multiple Currency fixes
- Language slider fixes
- Enable multi color for website
- Change logo fix
- Slider images for multi Language
- Improve banner data entry
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
App Updates:
- Minor improvements &

clean source code

Version 1.0.2: Released Date: 12 Oct 2019

- Fixed Updator & Merger script
Admin Updates:
- Fix edit category
- Added default languages, currency and banners
- Fixed admin version for updation
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.3: Released Date: 23 Oct 2019

Admin Updates:
- Social Login
- Enable Maintenance Mode, Production and Development Mode
- Fix logo issue for mobile responsive
- Enable Slider and banners data entry with out wizard
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.4: Released Date: 24 Oct 2019

Admin Updates:
- Compatible with HTTPS
- Place htaccess file to hide public from URL
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.5: Released Date: 02 Nov 2019

Admin Updates:
- Change currency algorithm to choose default currency for admin
- Social Login Fix
- Minor enhancements & improvements
App Updates:
- Social Login Fix

Version 1.0.6: Released Date: 27 Nov 2019

Admin Updates:
- Backup / Restore feature
- Fix role management
- Add transition
- Fix number format issue for multi currency
- Minor enhancements & improvements 
Application Updates:
- Minor enhancements & improvements

Version 1.0.7: Released Date: 05 Jan 2020

Important Notes:
Presteps Before upgrading your project from version 5.8 to 6.x:
- Delete "packages.php" and "config.php" if avaible from "/bootstrap/cache".
- Delete All cached views from "storageframeworkviews".
- Clear laravel cache like: You can clear laravel cache after any update. 

Laravel Admin Updates:
- Update our item cms to latest Laravel 6.x
- Fix / improve media management
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.8: Released Date: 10 Jan 2020

Admin Updates:
- Fix product data entry issue
- Fix default currency
- Fix default language
- Minor enhancements & improvements

Version 1.0.9: Released Date: 12 Jan 2020

- Fix laravel installation wizard
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.10: Released Date: 25 Jan 2020

Admin Updates:
- Fix Cancel oder amount in reports
- Customer redirect issue fix when login from admin
- Fix coupon cart percentage discount
- Improvement & glitch fixes of rating & review
- Fix and improve language module
- Fix Flash issue Glitches
- Fix variable product
- Improve guest checkout
- Fix & improve admin reports
- Media management enhancements & improvements
- Fix braintree payment method
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.11: Released Date: 13 Feb 2020

Admin Updates:
- Fix Application Orders
- Fix coupon on maximum spent
- Fix adding new language
- Fix showing multiple language after delete one language
- Fix variable product add to cart
- Fix guest checkout
- Fix report total earned
- Fix news category
- Fix multiple media
- Fix braintree payment method
- Fix report cancel order
- Fix report low stock
- Fix product units
- Fix payTM payment method
- Fix admin types / roles
- Minor enhancements & improvements 

Version 1.0.12: Released Date: 05 Apr 2020

- Big Update
- Updated Our Item to Latest Android Code
- Native App Performance & Clean Code
- Updated Laravel CMS
- Added 21 New Product Card Styles
- Added Many New Slider Styles

Version 1.0.13: Released Date: 15 Apr 2020

- Default currency issue on dashboard
- AndroidX Application Code Improvements

Version 1.0.14: Released Date: 25 Apr 2020

- CMS Code Improvements 

Version 1.0.15: Released Date: 15 May 2020

- Fixed Checkout issue  
- Minor Code Improvements

Version 1.0.16: Released Date: 10 June 2020

- Fix Customer Application Crash on 4 digit Price
- Fixed Logo Update Issue
- Minor Code Fixes and Improvements in Laravel Admin Panel
- Minor Fixes and Improvements in Android Application

Version 1.0.17: Released Date: 25 June 2020

- Fix 404 error while installation
- Fix Installer Package when composer update.
- Add required extensions / PHP setting in Installer. 
- Paystack Payment Method Amount Issue Resolved.
- Fix PHP 7.4 Support.
- API Authentication Improvement.
- Upgraded to latest gradle
- Fix Checkout Bug
- Removed Admob requirement for build.
- RazorPay bugs resolved.
- Minor Fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.18: Released Date: 31 July 2020

- All reported bugs has been fixed 
- Overall admin code improvements 
- Improve admin exception handling 
- Improve data entry scenarios

Version 1.0.19: Released Date: 14 Aug 2020

- All mentioned bugs by customers has been fixed
- Overall code improvements

Version 1.0.20: Released Date: 19 Sep 2020

- All mentioned bugs by customers has been fixed
- Minor code improvements

Version 1.0.21: Released Date: 29 Nov 2020

- Inventory Management Enabled/Disabled Feature Added 
- All mentioned bugs by customers has been fixed
- Website code improvements and bug fixes
- App code improvements and bug fixes 

Version 1.0.22: Released Date: 21 March 2021

- All mentioned bugs by customers has been fixed
- Admin code improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.0: Released Date: 02 Feb 2022

- Major Update     
- Developed New App From Scratch with Kotlin ktx, Viewbinding, Material Ui, Glide for cache, Retrofit for Networking & MVVM pattern for Code
- Re Design New App with better APP UI/UX experience 
- New Features (POS, Warehouse Management, Purchase, Sale and Accounts Module)
- New Admin Panel Developed with Vuejs (SPA)
- Maximum utilization of Laravel framework with Models, Traits (Api Response), Services, Repository Design Pattern, Resource Api, Request Validation, Soft Deletion, Observers, Event and Listener
- Secure API end Points with Token Based  Authentication (Passport , JWT)
- Laravel Exception Handling
- Proper Database Migrations and Seeders

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Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand
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Rawal – Android & Laravel Ecommerce Solution with POS for Single & Multiple Location Business Brand
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