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RealEstate Finder Full Android Application v1.12
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RealEstate Finder Full Android Application v1.12
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RealEstate Finder Full Android Application v1.12

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Demo APK? Click below

Android APK Demo Click Here (v1.10)

App Features:

  • GDPR Consent Ready
  • Localization Ready!
  • Offline Usage
  • Add/Edit/Delete of Real Estate
  • Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web)
  • AdMob
  • Material Design
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • Email Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • User can add to Favorites
  • Google Directions.
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Terms & Conditions Panel Added
  • User can edit its Profile (Agents)
  • Draw Objects in the map and gets all the Map Pins inside the drawing
    Ability to save user search parameters for faster navigation when it search again
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Supports Phone and Tablet Display
  • Supports KitKat and above
  • 100% Native Coding

PHP Features

  • Can manage users by allowing or denying access.
  • Property Type creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • RealEstate creation, modificaiton, and deletion.
  • Photo Upload via URL or by File.
  • Google Maps Integration.

The PHP Backend Files were simple, WYSIWYG, which means What You See is What You Get.

The best part of it is we included the script for creating your XML/JSON and everyting being handled by the PHP Backend, and its just easy as changing the URL. Indeed! very easy!

By our Rules: Server Access will be given to those who have purchased to avoid bombarded with updates or changes that might buyers testing the server with confusions. So please bear with us. Server Url, Username and Password credentials were included in the Zip file once you purchase. Thanks!.

Support Guidelines:

  • We will Support you as much as possible
  • We will only cater support within the app fixes, bugs or some lightweight changes, any strong modification of the code which includes total changes of the app like functionality removed or functionality added will be not entertained.

We will support you until the end of the world so nothing to worry about

Change Log

Version 1.11 (Sept 30, 2020)
    Build tools update.
    Update parser that cause missing characters during post request.
    Update admin backend.

Version 1.11 (May 23, 2019)
    Updated to latest gradle version
    Updated encryption backend.
    Call log and SMS removed permission and updated the app.
    SSL update.
    Google Maps API key added as constants instead of inline code for easy editing.

Version 1.10 (Jul 30, 2018)
    Fix issue on searching ignore status.

Fix issue on adding item that causes issue on some device on a featured data. Version 1.9 (Jul 17, 2018) Fix issue for some devices on searching with no results. Permission request are slightly enhanced. Version 1.8 (Jul 11, 2018) Updated to latest gradle version Supports 4.0 OS GDPR Consent screen added for EU countries. UI Adjustments. Added account deletion. Improved Twitter Login Improved Twitter Share dialog Permission adjustment Fix issue on appearing two properties under My RealEstates menu. Fix issue on image not setting in Profile, Register and Register agent page. Version 1.7 (Nov 30, 2017) Android Studio 3.0 Update project file. Added values-v26 for support on rendering on API level 26 Updated Google Maps API key transferred inside build.gradle(Module:app) Version 1.6 (June 08, 2017) Updated project file for values-v24 build problems. Version 1.5 (Dec. 19, 2016) Floating Action Button Fix. Real Estate Adding View Permission Error. Real Estate Editing View Permission Error. Version 1.4 (Oct. 28, 2016) Location Service fix. Permission problem fix. Version 1.3 (Oct. 20, 2016) Fixed compatibility issue in Android 6.0 and 5.0 below Updated Styles for 5.0 below Added permission in the manifest file. Search Slider UI Update. Fixed issue on offline on User Real Estate that calls featured instead of own real estate listing. Version 1.2 (Sept. 13, 2016) Crashing issue on viewing images. Twitter issue upon cancelling agent registration that causes crashing. Version 1.1 (Aug. 19, 2016) Slight UI adjustment Property Type not getting properties properly. Currency max chars input limit to 3. Splash UI Adjustment Maps API Key for both debug and release were added to build.gradle for easy config. Version 1.0 (Aug. 16, 2016) Initial Release

RealEstate Finder Full Android Application v1.12
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RealEstate Finder Full Android Application v1.12
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