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Scoreboard for Rearrange Letters
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Scoreboard for Rearrange Letters
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Scoreboard for Rearrange Letters

Scoreboard is a add-ons page for Rearrange Letters – HTML5 Game where user can submit score and view top 10 leaderboard. The original game can be bought here.

NOTE: This add-ons DOES NOT include the original game but just additional pages.

How To Use It:
1. Get the Rearrange Letters original game
2. Copy and integrate the scoreboard files
3. Setup server and database (PHP MySQL)
4. Ready to submit score and display top ten scoreboard at result page.


  • Complete customization (Text Display, Images)
  • Scoreboard list display (Rank, Name, Category, Score)
  • Option to set all time, daily, weekly, monthly high score
  • Option to show more than top 10 listing
Version 1.7
- Compatible with Scoreboard Admin Panel

Version 1.6:
- Option to display daily, weekly or monthly high score

Version 1.5:
- Fixed top rank listing error
- Display timer score

Version 1.4:
- Added option to show more than 10 listing

Version 1.3:
- Updated for Rearrange Letters V2.3

Version 1.2:
- Fixed score ascending/descinding issue

Version 1.1:
- Fixed php mysqli_ issue

Scoreboard for Rearrange Letters


Scoreboard for Rearrange Letters
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