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Slot Game PHP API
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Slot Game PHP API
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Slot Game PHP API


This Slot Machine game contains 5 columns and 3 rows of icons. The winning result is a calculator by count the number of same icons that display continues from left to right side. This system is operated by the PHP script execute on the server and sends the result (JSON) to HTML5 & JavaScript on the browser.

  • It can emulate pulling the handle discounting the user credits and picking 15 random symbols that will be results via JSON API system.
  • Support full 20 win-lines, you can set your game run with any line as you want.
  • Ease add icons to payout, the winning result will be calculated by your setting paytable.
  • Users can set up payout by add icons and prizes for each combination of icons. The system also supports free spin icon, scatter icon, and jackpot icon.
  • Can force display free spin or fixed win amount on the spin result.
  • A simple wallet has included, each player has a wallet that was automatically created at the first play.
  • Setting language

    What include

  • HTML5 files.
  • documentation
  • We will send you a c3p file (construct 3 project) and plugin if you purchasing an extended license.
  • Ask us if you have any idea or want a custom service

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    Demo: (user:admin, password:slotgen)


  • 04 June 20 – Released

  • Slot Game PHP API
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    Slot Game PHP API
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