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Sumagi – Educational Puzzle Game
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Sumagi – Educational Puzzle Game
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Sumagi – Educational Puzzle Game

Sumagi is a math-themed educational puzzle game. The aim of the game is to find a path that sums up to the goal sum shown in the upper right corner in-game. The path needs to be connected and it can only progress in four directions. To find a path, simply touch and hold the starting piece and then move across the board. The game does not show you the active sum, you need to do those mentally! When the right sum is found, the game will display “Victory”. The game also keeps track of time and number of tries. This game can serve as a mental calculation trainer.

Note: at least 1 solution is guaranteed on any board, but there may be multiple solutions.

– Resolution: 320×480 (scaling)
– Mobile first design
– Supports both touch and click controls
– Full source included
– Randomly generated boards
– 7 difficulties and 7 board sizes
– Works with all modern browsers
– State saving
– Fully customizable

Sumagi – Educational Puzzle Game
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Sumagi – Educational Puzzle Game
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