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Superio – Laravel Job Board System
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Superio – Laravel Job Board System
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Superio – Laravel Job Board System

– It’s a High-Quality and well organized LaravelJob Board System. Superio is crafted with thorough understanding of the business to connect employers and candidates. It is suitable for you to show professional job board websites that require high advanced features to powerful functions and useful services for users. Easy to use and customize, friendly with users, seekers. Employers and Candidates feel easy and convenient to sign up, login to find jobs, post jobs, job details, manage their profiles, blogs, resume, applications from Dashboard. Clean lines, soft colors, and fluid UX will surely create an Job Board experience that your customers will love.

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Version 1.2.0 – 23 Dec 2021

Version 1.2.0 - 23 Dec 2021
          - [Add] Wage Agreement option for Job
          - Update the Username for profile link insteads of ID
          - Update SEO for remaining pages

          - Fixed the Captcha issues in the Login/Register form
          - Fixed the adding user role issue
          - Fixed the 500 issues
          - Fixed the searching issue in the Company listing, Candidate listing
          - Fixed attribute for company module
          - Fixed Child-location in the search form
          - Fixed Stripe gateway style
          - Fixed the remaining Multi-language issues
          - Improve the queries 

Version 1.1.0 - 18 November 2021

          + Update the Landing Page mode
          + Update Job package 
          + Add 5 payment gateways: Paypal, Stripe, Flutter wave, Razorpay, Two checkout

+ Add new Homepage layout 4-5-6 + Add new Job list Layout 2-7 + Add new Job detail layout 3 + Allow application job form to upload files directly from the Apply form + Add new Employers list layout 2-3 + Add new Employers detail layout 3 + Add new Candidates list layout 2-3 + Add new Candidate detail layout 3 + Add GIGs module and related features [FIXED] + On mobile when you click on menu the whole header gets hidden + Candidate role cant apply job + Update form search on banner [HOT FIX] - Fixed missing 'meta' column issue - Fixed the candidate role can change role to other roles Version 1.0.0 - 24 September 21 [First Release]

Server Requirement:

PHP: 7.3 or above

For now we only support MySql and MariaDB: MariaDB: 10.2.7 or above, MySql 5.7.8 or above

Demo site: (Data will be reset each 2 days)

Admin Sandbox: [email protected]
Password: admin123

Employer account: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Candidate account: [email protected]
Password: 123456

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Superio – Laravel Job Board System
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Superio – Laravel Job Board System
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