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Survey Bird – Online Survey Builder (SaaS)
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Survey Bird – Online Survey Builder (SaaS)
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Survey Bird – Online Survey Builder (SaaS)

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Survey Bird is an online survey builder application. You can start your own SaaS business with Survey Bird. It includes many of the top features you can see in other survey builder applications in the market. Survey Bird supports 10+ different kinds of questions, users can customize the survey as per their needs.

How can the Administrator Earn Money?

As an Administrator, you can create various subscription plans and accept the payment via Stripe, Paypal, Offline payments.

Payment Methods

You can accept the payment in 3 ways.

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Offline (Cash, Bank transfer, etc)

Question Types

  • Multiple Choice
  • Phone Number
  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Yes/No
  • Email
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Number
  • Dropdown

Survey Templates

Comes with 4 survey templates. You can add your own templates.

  • Website feedback survey
  • Hotel feedback survey
  • Company satisfaction survey
  • Client satisfaction survey

Top Features


  • Login.
  • Update profile.
  • Update password.
  • Create, update, delete surveys.
  • Update various attributes of a survey.
  • Change the survey theme.
  • Share the survey on social media.
  • Analyze the survey results with the help of graphs and tables.
  • Browse the pricing plans.
  • Upgrade the subscription plan.
  • Downgrade the subscription plan.
  • Browse the survey templates.
  • Buy the subscription via Paypal, Stripe, Offline.
  • Embed survey in web pages
  • Receive email notifications about new survey responses.


  • Login.
  • Update profile.
  • Update password.
  • Dashboard (Users by Day, Surveys by Day, Responses by Day).
  • Manage users.
  • Send Notifications.
  • Manage the pricing plans.
  • Manage the subscriptions.
  • Extensions >> Stripe payment gateway.
  • Extensions >> Paypal payment gateway.
  • Extensions >> Offline payment.
  • Extensions >> ShareThis Plugin.
  • Settings >> Update your email, name, password, etc.
  • Settings >> Update email SMTP configurations.
  • Settings >> Update the application name, URL, etc.
  • Settings >> Create, update, delete application languages.
  • Settings >> Update the application locale.
  • Settings >> Translate the application language.
  • Manage the Surveys.

Future Update Plans

  • Conditional logic flow
  • Paystack subscription
  • Export the survey data as Excel


All of the recent releases are listed below. Be sure to consult the documentation for more information on how to update the application.


version 1.1

  • Added the ability to embed the survey in web pages.
  • Receive email notifications about new survey responses.
  • Added the missing ”.htaccess” in the root.
  • Fixed an issue with survey submission not retaining old values when form validation fails.
  • Admin >> Dashboard >> Fixed the Total Responses count value.
  • User >> Notification >> Fixed an issue showing the wrong notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with Admin >> Settings >> Translation showing 500 error.

version 1.0

  • initial release

Demo URLs

Landing Page



Email: [email protected]

Password: password

Sample Surveys

Company feedback survey

Hotel Feedback survey

Website Feedback survey

Client satisfaction survey

Survey Bird – Online Survey Builder (SaaS)
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Bird – Online Survey Builder (SaaS)
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