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Sweet Candy Saga – Construct 2/3
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Sweet Candy Saga – Construct 2/3
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Sweet Candy Saga – Construct 2/3

Sweet Candy Saga is a HTML5 match-3 type game, match-3 is a popular type of casual puzzle game. The objective of Sweet Candy Saga is to swap one candy with another candy on a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more candy of the same color.

There is 80 built-in unique levels and you can add new levels as much as you want with our Level Editor (

There is 2 game mode:

  • Level: Each level has 3 types of candy targets, you need to match listed candys on the target until all candy targets are met without out of moves, then the next level will unlocked.
  • Endless: Match as many candys as possible, until you reach the highest score. you will get a combo bonus if there is a match of more than 2 times, and you have to beat the timer.

This game has been developed using Construct 2 (r269) and Construct 3 version are available, with c3runtime.

Main Features:

  • Level Editor, you can create a new level as much as you want.
  • Built-in 80 levels.
  • No matching detection
  • HD 720×1080
  • 2 Game mode
  • Sound and music
  • Easy to modify
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Auto generated level list
  • Localstorage to save game data
  • Small file size
  • Events are optimized
  • Documentation
  • Construct 2 and Construct 3 file are included

Used Third-part Add-ons

Construct 2

  • LiteTween (Behavior)
  • Spritefont+

Construct 3

  • No external addons.

*Note: You need Construct 3 build service to generate APK (Android) file, so active Construct 3 subscription is required. you can use third-part compiler like Cordova CLI or phonegap, but is out of what i can do for item support if this game have a bugs or problem with other compiler.

Level Editor source file are not included.

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Sweet Candy Saga – Construct 2/3
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Sweet Candy Saga – Construct 2/3
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