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SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI
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SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI
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SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI

SwiftUI AdKit

SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI – helps iOS app developers to grow their businesses by integrating different types of Ads smoothly. By simply adding ad units in one file, you are good to go for adapting banner, interstitial, reward, rewarded video, native, app open ad and many more. SwiftUI AdKit supports AdMob, AppLovin, Fyber and MAX

Ask yourself before purchase!

  • Do you want to earn money from your free apps?
  • Do you prefer to use different types of AdMob Ads in your app?
  • Do you need AdMob’s native Ad by which you can provide good UX to your app users?
  • Do you want to increase revenues by integrating other monetisation platforms rather than Google AdMob?

If the answer to the questions is YES then SwiftUI AdKit is what you need. You would be able to get all Admob’s Ad working in less than 15 minutes. You can provide customised look and feel of your advertisement using AdMob’s native Ad. As a bonus you will also receive the implementation of another 10+ types of Ad from AppLovin, Fyber and Max. It’s SwiftUI – that means you can simply present the Ad in any place in a SwiftUI view by one line of code.(Ex: AdMobBannerAdView()). All complexities like retry, reload ad, auto-refresh etc. are handled!

The code is highly documented, marked, and well organized. SwiftUI AdKit is built on iOS 15+. We have also taken care of all types of permission issues(iOS 14, iOS 15+). For advance users, We have added all required callbacks/delegates by which you can configure the Ad and use them if needed.

Supported Ads

App Open App open ads are a special ad format intended for publishers wishing to monetise their app load screens. App open ads can be closed at any time, and are designed to be shown when your users bring your app to the foreground. App open ads automatically show a small branding area so users know they’re in your app.

Banner A basic ad format that appears at the top & bottom of the device screen.

Interstitial Full-page ads appear at natural breaks & transitions, such as level completion. Supports video content.

Rewarded Ads reward users for watching short videos and interacting with playable ads and surveys. Good for monetising free-to-play users. Supports video content.

Rewarded-Interstitial Rewarded interstitial is a new type of incentivised ad format that allows you to offer rewards, such as coins or extra lives, for ads that appear automatically during natural app transitions. Unlike rewarded ads, users aren’t required to opt-in to view a rewarded interstitial. Instead of the opt-in prompt in rewarded ads, rewarded interstitials require an intro screen that announces the reward and gives users a chance to opt-out if they wish to do so.

Native Customisable ad format that matches the look & feel of your app. Ads appear inline with app content. Supports video content. Native ads allow you to customise the look and feel of

the ads that appear in your app. You decide how and where they’re placed, so the layout is more consistent with your app’s design.

Highlights of the Ads

  • AdMob
    • AdMob Banner Ad
    • AdMob Interstitial Ad
    • AdMob Rewarded Ad
    • AdMob Rewarded Interstitial(BETA) Ad
    • AdMob Native Ad
    • AdMob App Open Ad
  • AppLovin
    • AppLovin Banner Ad
    • AppLovin Interstitial Ad
    • AppLovin Rewarded Ad
  • Fyber
    • Fyber Banner Ad
    • Fyber Interstitial Ad
    • Fyber Rewarded Simple Ad
    • Fyber Rewarded Video Ad
  • MAX
    • MAX Banner Ad
    • MAX Interstitial Ad
    • MAX Rewarded Ad

Technical Features

  • Latest iOS 15+ support
  • Swift 5+ language
  • SwiftUI
  • Easy and modular Code
  • Super clean code and well documented
  • Easy to configure from a single file
  • Easy to follow step by step documentation
  • Including sample codes
  • MVVM Design Pattern + Clean Architecture

Small gesture can have a big impact

If you are happy with the purchase, code quality and support please consider rating, recommend our products to your friends and provide feedback as it will help us to grow as a company and improve our products.

If you want new features or you have ideas to enhance the product feel free to ping us. We promise to provide continuous updates and improvements of the product.

If you need professional iOS development support for example a custom feature, design your own app or discuss your app ideas contact us at [email protected].

Refund Policy
We don’t offer a refund if the item has been downloaded.
Please read the description and technical features before purchasing. Ask in the comment section if you need any information.

Change Log

Version 1.0.0

- Initial upload with documentation
- AdMob, Fyber, Max, AppLovin Implemented

SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI
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SwiftUI AdKit – Universal Ad Solution for iOS SwiftUI
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