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Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool
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Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool
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Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool

Welcome to Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool. Your search ends here.

Why let us explain you here?

Taskhub SaaS is the modern and powerful tool for your Project Management, Finance & Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) purposes. This is a SaaS version of our previous successful Taskhub – Project Manager system with new enormous and exciting features to offer to all valuable customers. SaaS version is mainly made for those customers or businesses who are willing to start their own startup or small business which offers a software solution for project management , Tasks Management and CRM solutions to the small, medium or large scale companies or organizations.
Explore our demo to check how does everything looks like & work and to find out more details on the features and functionalities proceed below to know more.

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Demo Credentials :

Email: [email protected]
Password: super@0124

Email: [email protected]
Password: admin@0124

Email: [email protected]
Password: member@0124

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All in one solution for your Projects, Tasks, and CRM problems.

Some of the exciting and unique features that Taskhub SaaS:

  • Easy to install and one click auto-update system feature.
  • Manage pricings and plans efficiently and flexibly for the customers.
  • Setup and configure some of the major payment options with ease. Major payment gateway options available like PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay
  • Maintain and monitor subscriptions and Earnings efficiently
  • Customize frontend site as well as overall site without hurdles.
  • Manage your billings and subscriptions easily and make payments hassle free with built-in payment options.


Projects, Tasks, Media, and content management became easy. Create milestones, track the overall progress of tasks and projects, and assign project or task to your team members. Invite your clients and assign them into the projects so that they can track the overall progress of project or tasks and can easily give their feedback to your internal team members.

Leave Requests

Not able to manage your internal team members leave records? Don’t worry Taskhub provides a simple solution to create and manage leave records of all the team members.


Bring in all your team members, share the project, task whichever they are intended to work on. This makes the overall work experience more smooth and also gives great insight into the total work progress by each individual team member.


Project management or Task Management alone is not sufficient to tackle all the challenges faced while working in teams. Real-time Chat comes into light then. Chat directly with all other team members, create groups with team members, and share your media easily.


Create personalized notes to set reminders


Turn your whole panel into your native language panel and add as many languages as you want.

Multiple Workspace

Share the same project management tool with your ally, friendly, or business partners organizations hassle-freely. You can explore and manage all your workspaces in one place. Also, see all associated users and clients of the workspace.

Invoices and Estimates

Create, maintain and share your estimations or invoices with your clients with ease from the dashboard. Generate, store and/or print PDF invoices, estimates.
Send personalized mails
Directly send rich-text formatted mails attachments to any email address from the dashboard at a time. Send, Save as Draft, Resend Failed mails and also keep track of all the emails you have generated in the system.
Payments and Expenses
It also includes other supporting modules like expenses, payments, payment modes, products, and more.

Taskhub SaaS amazing features summery

1. An elegant-looking, dynamic, and customizable front-end site.
2. 4 different panels for each different user role i.e,
– Super Admin ( Business Owner )
– Admin ( Organization Owner / Admin / Main Authorized person )
– Team Members of the Organization and,
– Clients of the Organization
3. Easy to Install and One-click Auto-update system feature.
4. Manage Pricing and Plans efficiently and flexibly for the customers.
5. Setup or Configure Payment different payment methods like PayPal, Stripe or Razorpay
6. Maintain and monitor Subscriptions and Earnings efficiently.
7. Customize the Frontend site as well as the overall site without hurdles.
8. Manage your billings and subscriptions easily and make payments hassle-free with in-built payment gateway options. ( This is for Admin of the Organization )
9. Manage Projects, Tasks, Team Members, Clients, Personalised Notes, Events, and more efficiently.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our product we hope you would like this.

We love helping our customers. Always feel free to reach to us for any kind of technical queries or support we would be there to help you. From 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM IST.
Here is our official Skype address. jaydeepjgiri

Changelog for updates – What’s new?

Version 1.0.5

( updated on 28-Sep-2021 )

+ Added Support system
+ Added Meetings / Video conferencing system.
+ Fixed issue with package list
+ Fixed issue of person not assigning by default who creates a project (from member panel) 
+ Fixed division by zero issue on home page

Improved workedspace admin accessability + Other bug fixing and overall improvements


( updated on 24-July-2021 )

+ Fixed unexpected max limit reach while creating a workspace
+ Fixed user created without subscription(In case only default package is set not tenure also)
+ Fixed added users not showing to assign project/task
+ Fixed on change of tenure price not changing on the front end
+ Fixed price changing vulnerability on the checkout page
+ Fixed updating user profile updates super-admin profile issue
+ Fixed showing super-admin profile instead of the user profile in super admin panel edit user profile page
+ Fixed showing database query error while accessing modules
+ Fixed console error while new signup in case super admin email settings not configured
+ Fixed invalid Razorpay payment transaction
+ Fixed search not working super admin panel users table and improved search in subscriptions table
+ Fixed later created admin can't access all admin functionality


( updated on 28-Jun-2021 )

+ Bugs fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.4

( updated on 12-Jun-2021 )

+ Added separate Admin, client, and user panel logo, half logo, favicon, and also company title for the Admin Company ( not of Super admin )
+ Improved Invoices, Estimates, Send Email functions - added Logo and Company name of the Admin Company ( not of Super admin )
+ Improved all types of emails from plain HTML text to elegant looking templates
+ Added Email notifications for ( Projects & Tasks assignment, User creation, on successful Package Purchase or default plan assigned, Plan expiration reminder [ via crone jobs ] )
+ Fixed send mail attachment issue
+ Allowed more types of files in send mail attachment
+ Fixed forgot password and change password email issues.
+ Fixed company / user registration email issue.
+ Added ( Twilio ) SMS Notification system for ( Projects & Tasks assignments )
+ Added Twilio and crone jobs settings in super admin panel
+ Bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.3

( updated on 14-Apr-2021 )

+ Fixed module mismatch.
+ Fixed format size unit for projects, tasks and chat.
+ Fixed update client profile issue.
+ Fixed unauthorized access to workspace issue.
+ Fixed create, edit estimates and invoices issue.

Version 1.0.2

( updated on 10-Apr-2021 )

+ Fixed stripe international payment bug.
+ Fixed issue in Package create and edit - cannot sent header information (redirection after print)
+ Moved languages from sidebar to header in admin panel
+ Fixed notes menu not showing
+ Fixed upload project file timeout issue (can upload large files)

Version 1.0.1

( updated on 02-Apr-2021 )

+ Improved Auto Update System.
+ Fixed Saving of Settings issue in Super Admin
+ Fixed Image upload issue in Chat section
+ Fixed Update of Package issue
+ Fixed SMTP issue
+ Fixed Quick Contact form and Contact us form mailing to an admin issue
+ Fixed Mobile menu Static Logo issue
+ Improved some design styling in the front end.
+ Overall improvements and bugs fixes

Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool
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Taskhub SaaS – Project Management Tool, Finance & CRM Tool
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