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Teskale – ColibriSM Social Media Platform Theme
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Teskale – ColibriSM Social Media Platform Theme
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Teskale – ColibriSM Social Media Platform Theme

Teskale is a ColibriSM theme, handcrafted with care. It offers the best performance and advanced features for your site. Teskale is the perfect theme for your site.

Before using this theme make sure you are using ColibriSM – The Ultimate PHP Modern Social Media Sharing Platformscript.

Teskale, the ultimate ColibriSM Theme
The Teskale theme is a next generation ColibriSM theme that is and will continue to be developed.

This Teskale theme is just the beginning of an innovation that will be updated to reveal a unique design for ColibriSM and will be a unique theme. It has adopted the design concept most desired by the users and started to be developed.

If you are wondering how to install the theme and install the PWA, have a look at the documentation now. View documents.


  • Welcome Page Style Teskale theme provides you a different type of Welcome page that helps you make your site different from others.
  • Better views Teskale theme always provides the best user experience. The best way to impress your users.
  • SEO Friendly Get your site rank in search result more easily and faster than before.
  • Better Layout Best layout for login, register, login with social accounts and more pages.
  • Mobile Ready Teskale theme is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile device.
  • Many More..


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V1.2.1 (16 Feb 2022)

- [Redesigned] Left sidebar menu reshaped like Twitter.
- [Redesigned] The "More" dropdown dropdown menu has been revamped as in Twitter and now has a full size dropdown structure.
- [Redesigned] The right sidebar layout has been improved and redesigned.
- [Renewed] The left sidebar structure for visitors has been renewed.
- [Renewed] The right sidebar structure for visitors has been renewed. The visitor can log in with social accounts or create a regular membership via the right sidebar.
- [Updated] Refreshed left sidebar icons. (ion-icon).
- [Updated] Issues related to post font sizes have been fixed and improvements have been made to font sizes.
- [Updated] And many more improvements..

V1.2.2 (17 Dec 2021)

- [Fixed] Fixed technical error in v1.2.1 version.

V1.2.1 (16 Dec 2021)

- [Redesigned] The welcome page has been redesigned in line with the Twitter concept.
- [Redesigned] The login page has been redesigned and given a permanent look.
- [Redesigned] Registration page has been redesigned and given a permanent look.
- [Redesigned and fixed] Buttons and icons refreshed and auto "click" issue fixed.
- [Refreshed] The ability to change the background on the welcome page has been made simpler in this version and the ability to change the background seamlessly has been added.
- [Improved] The mobile compatibility of the renewed pages has been increased and the mobile appearance has been redesigned and improved. Compatible with all devices.
- [Fixed] Fixed the issues where the text in the left sidebar would stick out and slide down. Apart from that, the Profile detail card on the left sidebar has been pinned to the bottom of the sidebar (like Twitter).
- [Fixed] oAuth social login connection issues fixed. Added the ability to control social links and login options via the admin panel (on the welcome page). "On off".
- [Fixed] Added ability to control social links and login options via admin panel (Login page). "On off".
- [Added] In this version, "White, dark and black" background color sensitivity has been added to Teskale theme and its sensitivity has been increased. You can set the background of your default website to any color scheme you want.
- [Added] Added Arabic language (RTL) capability for Teskale theme. Arabic language will be updated extra in accordance with Theme in next versions.
- [Added] Footer area added to theme.
- [Improved] Improved search engine optimization "SEO" and updated OG data.
- [Updated] Fixed some language issues in the theme and updated language files accordingly.
And some external fixes and improvements to the system..

V1.1.9 (13 DEC 2021)

- [Restyle] Left sidebar menu refreshed and Twitter style profile detail page added.
- [Restyle] The "Create new post" box at the top of the Timeline has been renewed, similar to the Twitter style. (Only visible in desktop browsers)
- [Restyle] A new mobile menu button has been created and positioned at the top. Now when you log in on mobile, click on your profile picture in the upper right to open the menu.
- [Restyle] The ad content layout has been renewed and made more dynamic. In addition, the ad image has been made clickable. (Redirects directly to CTA page)
- [Restyle] Sub-mobile menu icons have been changed and refreshed to a more specific design.
- [Added] "Star" icon has been placed in the top right area of

​​the homepage. When you press this icon, you can choose which content type you want to see. (Desktop only) - [Fixed] Fixed an issue where you can reconnect to "Login page" via url while logged in to your account. - [Fixed] Fixed the issue where you can reconnect to the "Register page" via the url while logged in to your account. - [Fixed] Fixed the screen scrolling issue when you create ad. - [Fixed] Fixed the visual, text and button shifting problems that occur when the ad is published. - [Fixed] Action button frame shift issue fixed and fully usable. - [Developed] Sign in and register page content has been improved and made into a more dynamic structure. (faster than before) - [Changed] User profile page style has been changed and improved as much as possible. Color visuals have been defined for text styles, buttons and transitions between menus. - [Updated] PWA UI has been updated for new features to work. - And in essence, many more deficiencies have been fixed and the system has been improved.

V1.1.8 (10 DEC 2021)

- [Fixed]  Bugs of previous version (v1.1.7)

V1.1.7 (9 DEC 2021)

- [Fixed] Fixed the login failure issue on the login page.
- [Fixed] "Log in with external social accounts" icons have been renewed and compatibility issues have been fixed.
- [Added] Added ability to control (On/Off) social account login options via admin panel.
- [Fixed] Fixed the problem of not being able to register on the register page.
- [Added] A red warning bulletin (box) has been added for those who write incorrect, incomplete or incorrect information on the register page.
- [Added] Added ability to change site background.
- [Added] For users logging in from tablet or mobile smart devices, an action button has been added to the bottom right so that they can quickly post a new post.
- [Added] We support PWA with this release. PWA is ready to use and will be constantly updated.
- [We renewed] We've edited the left sidebar. We placed the default website logo at the top of the left sidebar and made some improvements to the text in the menu.
- [We renewed] We've made some improvements to the right sidebar. We have renewed the "Who to follow" area and the trending topics section. (Continues.)
- [Added] It is no longer necessary to view the topic to reply to a post. Press the "Message" icon at the bottom of the post and start sending your reply immediately.
- [Added] There is no longer any need for long efforts to enter a post. When a post is replied to, (View topic) will appear at the bottom and will not appear if the post has no reply. "View demo for details." 
- [Added] When you view a topic (enter the String) there is a new "Answer box" at the bottom where you can reply immediately. Discover the new ability to answer.
- [Updating] We've made some new changes to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

V1.0.0 (2 DEC 2021)

- Version 1.0.0 : Released on 2 Dec 21.

Teskale – ColibriSM Social Media Platform Theme
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Teskale – ColibriSM Social Media Platform Theme
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