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The Accountant – General Ledger
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The Accountant – General Ledger
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The Accountant – General Ledger

Easy to use free and open source web based double entry accounting software written in PHP – MySQL

The Accountant – General Ledger Accounting System is a secure cloud based double entry accounting system enabling organizations and individuals to manage their financial accounts with multiple companies. You can create and manage accounts under specific company. You can create multiple users and give them access to a particular company or companies. The Accountant allows you to create/post Journal Vouchers. Print all necessary reports such as:

  • General Ledger Summary
  • Vouchers Summary
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheets

The Accountant has been developed in PHP Codeignitor framework & MySql database enabling easy setup & easy maintainability. It is cloud based system allowing you to access your company accounts from everywhere on the go.

Benefits :

  • Free and Open Source under MIT License
  • No setup required
  • Works on “Shared Hosting” environment
  • Community driven
  • PHP 5+ Supported
  • MySQL Supported

Features :

  • Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers)
  • Dynamic Entry Types (Cash/Bank Receipt, Cash/Bank Payment, Contra, Journal, etc)
  • Ledger Account reconciliation
  • Tag entries for better reference control
  • Reports include Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance and Ledger Statement, Reconciliation Report, etc.
  • Download Reports in PDF format.
  • User Authentication and roles assignment.
  • User Action logs for user activity monitoring.
  • Full support for MySQL database transactions to maintain data integrity
  • Support for multiple Companies/Years accounts

Important Information about application’s Database Structure

The default structure of The Accountant – General Ledger is based on two databases.

First, the SQLite3 Database which handles the admin section for the software i.e. the users, groups, permissions, accounts that are created for each new fiscal year/company, it’s MySQL database settings and the general/main setting for the application.

On the other hand the MySQL database handles the main features of the application, that is the accounting/book keeping/Chart of Account(COA), entries, advance search, reports, account settings, etc.

Important Note: Create New accounts in new Databases. don’t use same DB for different accounts.



Email: [email protected]

Password: password


Guide for updating to latest version

Backup previous accountant and extract downloaded accountant to your server.

Now copy /application/config/database.sqlite from backup to /accountant_downloaded/application/config.

Now copy /application/config/config.php from backup to /accountant_downloaded/application/config.

Now copy /assets/uploads/ from backup to /accountant_downloaded/assets/

Now open /application/config/database.sqlite in any Sqlite DB viewer and run:

UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = '';

Change Log

Update to Beta R3

1. Add new and faster featured form for Entries,
2. Some Minor Bug fixes
Open /application/config/database.sqlite in any Sqlite DB viewer and run the following queries,
ALTER TABLE `of_settings` ADD `entry_form` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1';
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Beta R3';

Update to Beta R4

1. Real-time synchronization in Ledger Entry when selecting from Chart of Account drop down updated when adding new new account in chart of account.
2. Fixed Date Range bug and print as pdf/csv issues in Reports(Balancesheet, Profit & Loss, etc)...
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Beta R4';

Update to Beta R4.5


Fixed Date Range bug and exporting issues in all Reports(Balancesheet, Profit & Loss, etc)... UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Beta R4.5';

Update to Version 5.0

1. Updated Reports with much better looks, now the reports will load faster.
2. Fixed many minor and major Bugs and Error handling
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Ver. 5.0';

Update to Version 5.0.1

1. Fixed export to excel Bug
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Ver. 5.0.1';

Update to Version 5.1.0

1. Updated Codeigniter Version to 3.1.11
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Ver. 5.1.0';

Update to Version 5.1.1

1. Fixed the ledger statement bug in all reports
UPDATE `of_settings` SET `version` = 'Ver. 5.1.1';


The Accountant – General Ledger
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The Accountant – General Ledger
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