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Virus Killer
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Virus Killer
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Virus Killer

Virus Killer is a fun HTML5 Game in Pineapple Pen Style.
Stop deads and pandemia.
Use syringe to shoot medicine and kill as many viruses as you can!

How To Play: Wash your hands before you play!
Tap on the screen to shoot medicine at viruses and disinfect area.
And wash your hands after playing!
Stay strong and healthy!


  • Full HD (1920×1080px);
  • Construct 2 & 3 compatible;
  • No Construct 2 license required!
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed!
  • Full Game;
  • HTML5 Mobile Optimized;
  • One Touch Control;
  • Touch & Mouse support;
  • Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.);
  • Simple Gameplay;
  • Easy to Reskin;
  • Easy to Add Content;
  • Easy to Change Source;
  • Including Constuct 2&3 files (.capx, .c3p all source);
  • Touch & Mouse support.

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Virus Killer
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Virus Killer
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