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Walper – Wallpaper Android Application 2.0
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Walper – Wallpaper Android Application 2.0
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Walper – Wallpaper Android Application 2.0


To keep data clean, we separate web demo with data on android.

username : user_walper
password : user



# VERSION 2.0 - ( 14 Oct 2021 )
- Update tools and build grade
- Improve app performance
- Implement scope storage for android 11
- Add one Signal Notification
-Swipe for next wallpaper
- Add 5 ad networks (admob, FAN, startapp, unity ads, applovin)

# VERSION 1.3 - ( 03 Feb 2021 )
- Migrate to Android X, 
- Implement scoped storage android 10, 
- Implement set wallpaper in download page, 
- Improve layout code, 
- Add option for one click

# UPDATE 1.2 - ( 02 Dec 2019 )
- Add feature Multiple upload Wallpaper, 
- Update to SDK 28,
- Update latest gradle tools,
- Change view pager to Snap View,

# UPDATE 1.1 - ( 14 Apr 2019 )
- Fix error share on device pie,
- Update admob SDK to latest version
- Update latest gradle tools
- Add placeholder image loading
- Migrate to glide 4 for faster load
- Implement image cache
- Fix bug cannot hide bottom sheet
- Fix duplicate shuffle
- Save last state panel list wallpaper


WALPER is Android Wallpaper App, run with fast and lightwight admin panel. Android app build with native java, admin apenl build with PHP, AngularJS.
You can use this app for Wallpaper app, image gallery and etc. Organizing image from admin panel with category, and tag, also available rating wallpaper, download wallpaper, support RTL mode and many more.
We build this item with very detailed part, well structured code, neat and good design is our priority.

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Walper – Wallpaper Android Application 2.0
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Walper – Wallpaper Android Application 2.0
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