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WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification
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WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification
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WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification

WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification

This plugin helps the admin to facilitate digitally secure Point Of Sale transactions according to French Law. It verifies the order receipts and order invoices by digital signature.

The digital signature will be visible in the order receipt and order invoice. Thus, the admin can keep a track of the Point of Sale orders that are verified.

This plugin helps the store owner to provide an attested and accurate order invoice to their customers.

NOTE: Because this plugin is an add-on to the WooCommerce Point Of Sale System, you must first install the POS Plugin before using it.

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Why WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification?


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Features of WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification

  • French certificates can be added to POS orders.
  • Verify orders in accordance with French law.
  • Order invoices and receipts with digital signatures.
  • Every POS order has a unique digital signature.
  • After placing the order, the POS agent can also see the digital signature.
  • This POS french notification addon supports dark theme.
  • On all copies of the invoice, the signature is visible.

Highlighted Features

1- Digital Signature Visibility

Orders and receipts with a digital signature are visible to the admin.

2- Accurate & Attested Order Invoices to Customers

The orders and invoices from the POS are validated in accordance with French law. It ensures the accuracy of legal data.

3- Authentication for Security Purposes

The accuracy and security of the POS orders and invoices will be checked, earning the customer’s trust.

4- Order Verification

Verify orders as per french laws.

Business Use

This module verifies the POS orders placed by the POS sales agent using a digital signature with a unique id.

This prevents the POS agent from engaging in any type of fraud activity. This aligns your Point Of Sale System with the NF525, a French anti-fraud standard.

As a result, this module verifies that transactions are secure and that they have not been updated.

As a result, this plugin assists the store owner in assuring customers of a secure and validated transaction.

Change Log

"Initial release v 1.0.0", "Current release v 1.0.1"
v 1.0.1
Update - Added POS 3.6.3 compatibility.
Enhancement - Modified filters.

v 1.0.0
Initial release 

WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification
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WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification
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