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WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication
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WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication
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WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication

WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce login page implementing a two-factor authentication process!

(Shop admin account)
user: demo
pass: demo

(Customer account)
user: demo1
pass: demo

How to automatically update the plugin

To receive automatic updates just install and configure the nulledhero updater plugin: . The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: .

How it works: the authentication workflow

Once the plugin is activated, the process is straightforward:

  1. When the customer accesses the login page, besides the Username and Password fields, he will also see the new OTP field and the “OTP send” button (the login button will be hidden until the OTP is sent)
  2. Once he entered the Username/Email and clicked the “OTP send” button, he will receive the OTP via email, and the login button will appear
  3. The customer can then enter the OTP and proceed with the login

Highly customizable

Through the admin area, the shop admin can customize the OTP notification email, subject, error message, and more! He can also configure other parameters like the OTP length and validity time


The OTP area template can be customized. The template files can be copied into the theme folder and then customized according to your needs!

  1. woocommerce-two-factor-auth/templates/frontend/wc-login-form.php: this is the template used in the WooCommerce login area
  2. woocommerce-two-factor-auth/templates/frontend/wp-login-form.php: this is the template used in the WordPress admin login area


The OTP is a 12 length string randomly generated. The OTP is valid for a fixed time amount (by default is 5 minutes) after which it will expire.
To prevent brute force attacks, the plugin also checks the number of attempts the user performs. By default, after 3 wrong attempts, the OTP will expire. All the parameters can be edited through the options menu.

Registration OTP

The safely implement the OTP system on registration, the plugin performs the following:

  1. After an account has been registered via the “My Account” area, the plugin prevents the automatic login performed by WooCommerce. This forces the user to perform the log in via the log in area and so use the OTP sent in the registered email address
  2. Disables the “account creation” option in the checkout page (even if manually enabled in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> account & Privacy area)


The plugin supports the WPML translation plugin. All the available texts can be customized and translated for each installed language.


Login area

Login area – After the OPT is sent via email

Error message


Admin login area

Configuration menu


= 1.5 - 27.10.21 =
* Fixed an issue that prevent the plugin to be properly activated in some scenarios

= 1.4 - 26.10.21 =
* Minor improvements

= 1.3 - 12.03.21 =
* UX improvements

= 1.2 - 04.03.21 =
* Minor improvements

= 1.1 - 01.03.21 =
* Fixed an issue

related to the login template = 1.0 - 28.02.21 = * First release

WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication
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WooCommerce Two Factor Authentication
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