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YourMap – customizable maps with back-end panel
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YourMap – customizable maps with back-end panel
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YourMap – customizable maps with back-end panel


new version 1.12.2 with new marker custom parameter Link – clickable link that opens specified URL

See version history for change list.


Fully featured HTML5/PHP application for displaying your custom maps, floor plans, creating custom marker labels and more.

It can be used to create office employee arrangement, conference seating, inventory equipment map and any other thing that you can show as points on a map.

Main features:

  • google maps like zooming
  • maps arrangable in hierarchical structure
  • supported map size is theoretically without limit (for example 20000×8000px)
  • markers with images, icons and custom parameters (up to 5 custom params)
  • marker types that defines default marker look and custom parameters values (texts, long texts, selectable value from values list, clickable link)
  • markers displayed in different manner depending on zoom level (as dot, icon or with selected custom parameters)
  • fully searchable markers by it’s name or by custom parameters
  • regions that defines map region that user can navigate to and markers can be assigned to it when searching
  • labels to describe parts of map that can be links to other maps or regions
  • deeplinking, every marker or map region has it’s own URL
  • works in all major browsers IE8+
  • fully featured administration panel
  • easy installator
  • vector maps from demo included


Admin panel demo – (saving disabled):

Password : demo01

User manual:


  • www server with minimum PHP v.5.2.0 installed with GD Extension, and mod_rewrite module
  • MySQL ver min. 5.0.45 (Innodb engine required)
  • web browser with

    HTML5 support (tested on: IE 8+, Chrome3+, Opera 9+, Firefox 3+)

  • IE 8 is not recommended, but application will work

YourMap – customizable maps with back-end panel
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YourMap – customizable maps with back-end panel
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