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Flutter – Deco News – Mobile App for WordPress
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Flutter – Deco News – Mobile App for WordPress
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Flutter – Deco News – Mobile App for WordPress

Flutter Deco News App Template

News apps are becoming more and more popular, but not everybody has the time and resources to build their news app from scratch, especially considering the fact that apps for Android and iOS need to be developed from two different codebases.
This is where our Deco News app template kicks in. Our app template is built with Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit already used by some big companies such as Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Abbey Road Studios, JD Finance and many more.

With Flutter, you have control over every pixel on the screen from the start, since it includes a full set of widgets that deliver pixel-perfect experiences on both iOS and Android.

Features that will amaze you

Flutter Deco News app template enables you to build a feature-rich news app with an elegant interface. Below we will unveil the full list of features included in our Flutter app template.

AdMob integration

AdMob is Google’s mobile advertising platform that can be used to generate revenue from your app. If you opt for Deco News, you will be able to earn money from your app by showing banner and interstitial ads.

Dark & Light mode

Flutter Deco News app template enables you to choose between the classic interface, or dark, modern one which is extremely popular in sports news apps.

Looks great on a wide array of devices

Without Flutter app template, worrying about responsiveness is a thing of the past. All screens included in Flutter Deco News are made responsive with the help of MediaQuery method.

Firebase push notifications

Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with the users of your app, and are extremely valuable when it comes to news apps. With this Flutter app template, you will be able to easily send push notifications over Firebase.

Form validation

Apps often require users to enter information into a text field. To make apps secure and easy to use, it is important to check whether the information the user has provided is valid. This is done by setting up form validation. This task can be quite tedious, but our template saves you from the trouble, since in our Flutter template form validation is already set up.

Online documentation

This Flutter app template comes with a diligently written documentation, where you can find easy-to-follow instructions on how to use this app template to build your own news app.

Free updates & reliable customer support

We are constantly adding new features to our template, and this app template will not be an exception. Since all the future updates will be free of charge once you purchase the license, rest assured that you will not be denied any new feature we come up with.

As we already emphasized, Flutter Deco News app template includes an online documentation written by

our experienced developers, but if you encounter any problem you can always contact our customer support via e-mail: [email protected] or contact us via contact form

Flutter – Deco News – Mobile App for WordPress
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Flutter – Deco News – Mobile App for WordPress
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