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Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel – Travel Hour
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Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel – Travel Hour
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Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel – Travel Hour

– Version: 4.0.0 – See the changelogs at the bottom of this page

– Last update: 19/09/2021
– Files Included: Full Flutter Source Code (iOS, Android & Admin Panel)
– Compatible with Flutter latest version 2.5x with null safety support
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from nulledhero.

Travel Hour is a complete travel guide app based on a country that is completely developed on Google’s Flutter. It has also a admin panel which is also developed on Flutter Web. It works on both android & iOS. We have used Firestore Database as backend and Provider for state management and applied lots of animations to make this user-friendly. We have used Google maps and Its APIs to get nearby data like hotels and restaurants and show routes between the source and destination. It contains 50+ screens, clean & structured code samples.

What will you get

  • Source code of complete app for both android & iOS.
  • Source code of admin panel website.
  • Step by step documentation to setup android, iOS, and admin panel website properly.
  • Onetime payment & future updates for free.

Top 6 reasons to buy this app

  • Lots of animations and beautiful user interface which made this app so user friendly.
  • Developed on Google’s Flutter which is super fast and also secure.
  • Run on Android phones, Tablets, iPhones & iPads.
  • Rich functionalities & regular updates.
  • Included Admin panel to access and control the app in one hand.
  • Clean codes and save at least one month developement time.

App Features

  • Animated Splash Screen
  • User Sign In – Used social media sign in like Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, Apple Sign In for iOS and also skip sign in feature where user can access the without signup.
  • On Boarding Screen
  • Loading Animation : Loading animations are available in the all screen which gives users a fluent & smooth experiences on data loading time.
  • Lottie Animation
  • Pagination : Used infinite scrolling which will help to load unlimited data without any problem and reduce database cost.
  • Pull-to-Refresh
  • Custom Google Map : Used Custom google map & custom marker icons to make a new & elegant design.
  • Google Maps APIs : Used 4 Google Map APIs – Google Map for Android, Google Map for iOS, Places API & Direction API.
  • Travel Blog : A complete travel blog with users reactions, comments, bookmark feature.
  • Travel Guide : A Map view between source & destination place, estimated cost, distance between two places and step by step travel guides with cost.
  • Nearby Hotels & Restaurants : Used Google Places API to show nearby hotels and restaurants on the google map. Applied an interactive animation between Google Map and Places List.
  • User Reviews : User can review on places & comment on blogs. User can also delete their comments.
  • Categories : You can use you country states/cities as categories and the app will divide the contents according to the categories. It will help the users to find out places quickly.
  • Search : Used Recent Search feature which will save the recent search(s) of users locally.
  • Firebase Push Notifications : Can be send push notifications directly from admin panel to all android & iOS users in just one click.
  • Firebase In App Messaging : Can be useful for any campaign setup.
  • Cached Image & Data : Images & database can be accessible even in offline.
  • Admob & Facebook Ads : Used interstitial ads of both admob & facebook ads. Ads are configurable on user clicks. Ads can be controllable from admin panel.
  • Multi-language Support : You can add your own language to the app with the easiest way.
  • User Reaction & Bookmark : For both places & blog contents.
  • User Profile : Users can edit their name and update their profile pictures.
  • Html Support : Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text.
  • Hero Animation : Used flutter special animation package Hero in all content for a smooth and seamless user experience.
  • Backend Service : Cloud Firestore Database from Google which is super fast, easy to use and also secure.
  • Firebase Analytics : To access realtime activity of the users.
  • State Management : Provider
  • Step by Step Documentation

App Snaps

Features (Admin Panel)

  • Flutter Web Admin Panel : You will get admin source code too.
  • Dashboard : Access statistical realtime data of users, places, blogs, featured contents, notifications, categories etc.
  • Upload, Edit, Delete : Control every contents (places & blogs) with realtime preview feature.
  • Pagination : Used infinite scrolling to upload & view unlimited contents
  • Push Notification : Send your offers to your users directly from the admin panel.
  • Control Featured Contents
  • Control Ads
  • Html Support : Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text.
  • Control User Reviews : Admin can delete & make comments as admin.
  • Free Firebase Hosting : You don’t need to purchase any domain or hosting service.
  • Control categories
  • User Details
  • Cached image support
  • Backend : Cloud Firestore
  • Step by step documentation

Admin Snaps


Our Clients Feedback


v4.0.0– 19 September 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version 2.5.x
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version 2.5.x

v4.0.0– 23 August 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version with null safety support
- Added notification sound
- Added custom chrome tab for the deep link which was missing
- Added social media links
- Added Facebook ad supports for iOS
- Added html links & images support in the place description & notification details
- Fix: Latest content will appear first on the featured list
- Updated all the dependencies & docs
- Fixed 10+ bugs & UI improvements
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version with null safety support
- Added content sorting option.
- Fix: Some images weren't loading properly
- Added the ability to edit categories
- Added copy user uid feature and selectable user info.
- UI improvements and fixed 10+ bugs
- Updated docs

v3.1.0– 19 March 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter stable V1.22.6
- Added RTL language support
- Change the font to 'Manrope'
- Fix: For recommended places: the latest content will appear first
- Fix: Admob ads problem
- Added separate admob app id for iOS which was missing.
- Removed deprecated widgets.
- Fixed all v3.0.0 errors
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version 2.x
- Removed depricated widgets

v3.0.0– 20 October 2020

App Changes:
- Added Skip Sign-In Feature
- Added Apple Sign In for iOS which is mandatory now
- Added Multi-language support
- Added Admob & Facebook ads
- Added States/Cities as Category
- Added Pull-to-refresh feature
- Added Pagination (Infinite scrolling) - Load unlimited contents
- Added Firebase Push Notification
- Added Firebase In-App Messaging
- Added loading animations in all screens
- Reduced 30% Firestore database reads
- Added Firebase Analytics
- Added A new custom-designed Google Map, Marker Icons & Google Map camera animations
- App is now more smooth and 2x faster
- Added cached image & cached data support (offline support)
- 40+ bug fixed, Updated all third party dependencies
- Updated documentation
Admin Panel Changes:
- Reduced 70% firestore database reads
- Added Pagination to all pages
- Added Pull-to-refresh feature
- Control featured contents from admin panel
- Control Ads from the admin panel
- Control Categories from admin panel
- Send and control push notification just in one click
- Added cached image support
- More control to the admin
- Updated all dependencies and fixed 10+ bugs
- Updated documentation

v2.0.0– 20 May 2020

- Changed the design of the whole UI
- Added lots of animations
- Added login with facebook
- Added Firestore as Backend
- Added New Admin Panel
- Added comments feature for the blog
- 25+ bug fixed and much more

v1.0.0– 30 October 2019

- Initial release

This is a 100% complete app for production use. Just add your own content and it will be yours. That’s it.

For any query, please contact us.
Email: [email protected]

Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel – Travel Hour
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Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel – Travel Hour
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