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InfixEdu – Open Source Flutter for Android & iOS
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InfixEdu – Open Source Flutter for Android & iOS
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InfixEdu – Open Source Flutter for Android & iOS


Infix – School Management app is a Flutter Android and iOS application to manage any education institution.

This application provided on-time information and share specified information via any android and iOS operated mobile phone. Management, Staff, Students, Teachers, and other Institution involved persons can get access and update any information instantly. The object is not only to gather information; it also gives the chance to monitor students for fulfilling parents’ demands.

This App required InfixEdu School Management Script – Its not Standalon Android and iOS App

These apps are user-friendly and customizable so you can change many components as your desired.

So check it out fully functional and unique featured School Management android and iOS app for your institution.

Apps link:
InfixEdu Android App demo

Visit InfixEdu : School Management System Codecanyon page

App Features

Admin Features

  • Student List
  • Approve/Reject Leave requests
  • Staff Information
  • Add Dormitory
  • Add Rooms
  • Student Set and View Attendance
  • Upload/Delete Study Materials
  • Add Fee types
  • Add Library Books
  • Add Library Members
  • Create Transport Route
  • Add Vehicle and Assign Drivers
  • Zoom meeting

Teacher Features

  • Student List
  • Academic Information
  • Student Set and View Attendance
  • Apply Leave
  • Upload/Delete Study Materials
  • School Notice
  • View Library books
  • Upload Homework for Students
  • Evaluate Student homework
  • Zoom class/meeting

Student Features

  • Class Routine
  • Homework view and submit
  • View/Download Study Materials
  • View Timeline
  • View Class Attendance
  • Examination Schedule and Result
  • Online Examination Schedule and Result
  • Apply Leave
  • School Notice
  • View Subjects
  • Contact Teachers
  • View Library Books and Assigned Books
  • View Transport routes and Driver details
  • Dormitory Details
  • Zoom Class

Parents Features

  • Children List
  • Children Dashboard
  • Zoom Meeting

Push Notifications

  • Student homework created – notification to both student and their parents
  • Student exam created – notification to both student and their parents
  • Student fee assigned – notification to both student and their parents
  • Teacher homework create – send notification to all student of that section
  • Teacher homework evaluate – send notification to that student.
  • Fee approved – notification to student and their parents
  • Student & Teacher Leave Approved / Reject. Notification to them.
  • Student attendance set – notification to student
  • Student study material added (assignment ,syllabus, other download) notification to students
  • Student homework submitted – notification to that teacher

Paymewnt Gateway

  • Paypal
  • Paystack
  • Stripe
  • Xendit
  • Khalti
  • Bank Payment
  • Cheque Payment

Login Details

In the app build with auto login details, click on use role you will login auto


v2.0.4 Update (10 Aug 2021)

Fixed   : Fix android dependency issue

v2.0.3 Update (26 June 2021)

Fixed   : Android dependency issue

v2.0.2 Update (16 June 2021)

Fixed   : Bug fixes
        : UI design update
        : Tab compatible 

v2.0 Update (4 May 2021)

update  : Compatible with Infixedu v6.1.1
        : API Token Required
        : Security issue

Fixed   : Push notification
        : Other minor bugs

V1.4 Update (2 Dec 2020)

Fixed : Super admin Student loading issue
Fixed : Other minor bugs

V1.1 Update (15 Aug 2020)

Fixed : User icon for password and logout

V1.0.3 Update (26 Feb 2020)

New: Multi-language Supported
New: Payment Gateway
         - paytm
         - gpay
         - razor
         - paypal
New: Super Admin 
New: Push Notification
Fixed : Leave Apply Bug Fixed

V1.0 (initial Release)

InfixEdu – Open Source Flutter for Android & iOS
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InfixEdu – Open Source Flutter for Android & iOS
Free Download Link: