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News Hour – Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel
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News Hour – Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel
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News Hour – Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel

– Version: 4.0.7 – See the changelogs at the bottom of this page

– Last Update: 09 March 2022
– Files Included: Full Flutter Source Code (iOS, Android & Admin Panel)
– Compatible with Flutter latest version 2.10x
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from nulledhero.

News Hour is a complete news app with an admin panel that is developed on the Flutter framework developed by Google. It works on both android & iOS. It has all the common and special features that a typical news app has. We have used lots of animations to make this app user-friendly. It could be able to satisfy users with impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for a news or blog app for both iOS and Android, News Hour could be the best option for you.

What will you get

  • Source code of complete news app for both iOS & Android
  • Source code of Admin Panel (Flutter Web)
  • Step by step documentation to setup android, iOS, and admin panel website properly.
  • Future updates for free.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy This App

  • Pixel perfect & elegant design with lots of animations
  • Run on both iOS & Android devices
  • Single code base & fasted backend service
  • Super fast loading & great performance
  • Rich functionalities & regular updates.
  • Offline Database and image cache to use the app in offline.
  • Included Admin panel to access and control the app in one hand.
  • Clean, Structured & easily readable code and save at least one month developement time.
  • Developed on Google’s Flutter which is super fast and also secure.
  • Don’t have to buy any domain and hosting for the admin panel.

Features (App)

  • Animated Splash Screen
  • User Sign In – Used social media sign-in like Google Sign In, Facebook Sign In, Apple Sign In for iOS, Email Sign In and also skip sign-in feature where users can access the without signup.
  • Beautiful On Boarding Screen – Introduction screens to define the features of the app.
  • Loading Animation & Clean UI : Loading animations are available in the all screen which gives users a fluent & smooth experiences on data loading time.
  • Lottie Animation
  • Pagination : Used infinite scrolling which will help to load unlimited data without any problem and reduce database cost.
  • Pull-to-Refresh – Pull to refresh feature to refresh the contents anytime user wants.
  • Youtube Video Support : Complete youtube video support with full screen view, gesture control like MX Player, Speed mode & much more.
  • Iframe Video Support : Iframe videos from youtube are now suppoted in the content description with Iframe video player
  • Network Video Support : Network videos are now suppoted in the content description with a Native video player with full screen view
  • Adaptive Dark Mode! – Don’t forget to experience the dark mode. This makes the whole app more usable & beautiful
  • Custom WebView – Used custom webview to open any link inside the app just like facebook.
  • User Comment : User can make comments on any contents. User can also delete their comments.
  • Comment Flag & Report : User can flag any abusive comment & also report to the admin.
  • User Likes : User can like any content and popular contents will be sorted based on their likes.
  • Categories : Contents are divided based on categories and you can control the categories from admin panel.
  • Search : Used Recent Search feature which will save the recent search(s) of users locally.
  • Interactive Push Notifications : Admin can send push notifications directly from admin panel to all android & iOS users in just one click. Push notification’s body also supports HTML text.
  • Cached Image & Data : Used cache image service to save online images to local database for faster experience. Images & database can be accessible even in offline.
  • Monetization : Used both Admob & facebook ads. You can use which one you prefer most. Used both Interstitial & banner ads with maintaining admob & fb ads policy.
  • Multi-language Support : You can add your own language to the app with the easiest way.
  • RTL Support : RTL support for rtl type languages like arabic, hebrew etc.
  • Bookmark : User also can save their favourite contents .
  • User Profile : Users can edit their name and update their profile pictures.
  • Html Support : Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text. Images in the description now support full screen zoomable view.
  • Hero Animation : Used flutter special animation package Hero in all content for a smooth and seamless user experience.
  • Backend Service : Cloud Firestore Database from Google which is super fast, easy to use and also secure.
  • Firebase Analytics : To access realtime activity of the users.
  • State Management : Provider
  • Step by Step Documentation

App Snapshots (Light Mode)

Features (Admin)

  • Flutter Web Admin Panel : You will get admin source code too.
  • Dashboard : Access statistical realtime data of users, contents, featured contents, notifications, categories etc.
  • Upload, Edit, Delete : Control every contents with realtime preview feature.
  • Pagination : Used infinite scrolling to upload & view unlimited contents
  • Realtime Push Notification : Send your offers to your users directly from the admin panel and Realtime push notification with every article posted.
  • Control Featured Contents.
  • Control Ads – Control both banner & interstitial ads from admin panel
  • Html Support : Content description supports HTML text so that you can apply custom design with Html text.
  • Control User Reviews : Admin can delete & make comments as admin.
  • Free Firebase Hosting : You don’t need to purchase any domain or hosting service.
  • Control categories from admin panel. Four categories will be static in the home screen of the app and others will be dynamic in the categories screen. You can choose them.
  • User Details
  • Cached image support
  • Backend : Cloud Firestore
  • Step by step documentation


Customer Feedbacks

This is a 100% complete app for production use. Just set up the app and the admin & then add your own content and it will be yours. That’s it.

For any query, please contact us.
Email: [email protected]


v4.0.7– 09 March 2022

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.10x
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.10x

v4.0.6– 25 January 2022

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.8x
- Added support for Android 12
- Added full-width image and video support in the content description.
- Added full-width customized youtube video player for iframe videos.
- Added iframe Vimeo video support in the description
- Fonts in the content description are now more readable.
- Breaking changes: The content description section is now fully html supported with full-width image/video support. So you should use html paragraph tag (

) for each paragraph instead of (
) tag. You can use now any online html editor or wordpress editor to write post details. - Fix: facebook_audience_network package was providing a deprecated warning for v1 - Fix: Admob banner ads width problem on some devices. Applied small banner instead of full-banner. - Fix: Bookmark 10 items limitation - Fix: Contact us feature wasn't not working on iOS - Fix: Related articles weren't showing the latest articles first - Fix: The feature posts were providing an error when the featured list is empty. - Updated all the dependencies - Updated docs and more...

Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.8x

v4.0.3– 18 September 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.5x
- Removed the 'buy now' action button from the profile screen.
- Enabled logout procedure which was disabled.
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest version 2.5x

v4.0.2– 23 July 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version with null safety support
- Added article views feature
- Added support to Youtube Iframe & Network videos in the description
- Added notification sound
- Added custom chrome tab for the deep link which was missing
- Added social media link on the sidebar
- Added Facebook ad supports for iOS
- Added a black shadow on category thumbnails
- Fix: Video crash on iOS
- Fix: Latest content will appear first on the featured list
- Fix: Content notification loading error
- Updated all the dependencies & docs
- Fixed 15+ bugs & UI improvements
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version with null safety support
- Fix: Some images weren't loaded properly
- Fix: Featured & content notifications loading error
- Fix: Article notification and article delete conflict
- Added the ability to edit categories
- Added copy user uid feature and selectable user info.
- Latest users will appear first in the user list
- UI improvements and fixed 10+ bugs
- Updated docs

v3.0.4– 08 March 2021

App Changes:
- Updated with flutter stable V1.22.6
- Fix: Share feature with the app link
- Fix: For recommended articles: the latest articles will appear first
- Fix: Latest notifications will appear first in the list
- Fix: Two Drawer navigation items weren't working properly.
- Added separate admob app id for iOS which was missing.
- Removed deprecated widgets.
Admin Panel Changes:
- Updated with flutter latest stable version

v3.0.0– 24 November 2020

App Changes:
- Added skip sign in
- Added Sign In with Apple for iOS
- Added

Multi-language support - Added RTL support - Added image cache & offline data support - Added pagination to the whole app – Infinite loading - Added Pull-to-Refresh feature - Added youtube video support – Full screen view, Gesture support like MX player, Speed mode, etc - Redesigned the whole UI - Added dark mode - Added chrome custom tab – open links inside the app - Added Admob & Facebook ads – both banner & interstitial ads - Added comment flag & report feature - Added loading animations in the whole page - Added full screen image view for description - Added content source - Added recent search feature in the search screen - Added profile edit – user can change profile picture & name - Separated notification section & added notification control. - Reduced 30% firestore reads - Added firebase analytics - iOS demo app - 2x faster than the previous version - Fixed 40+ bugs and updated all dependencies & much more

Admin Panel Changes:
- Reduced 50% firestore reads
- Fixed 20+ bugs
- Added ads control
- Added password change support
- Added featured content control
- Added image cache support
- Added categories control
- Added pagination to all pages
- Added pull to refresh feature
- Added content source (optional)
- Added youtube support
- Separated notification section
- Updated all dependencies & much more

v2.0.0– 7 May 2020

New Features & Improvements:
- Added Web version of admin panel with lots of new features.
- Added Firestore database as backend.
- Added Sign In with Facebook, Sign Up/Sign In with Email/Password, Forgot password.
- Added Interactive push notifications with firebase cloud messaging.
- Added external link & image support for content description in HTML.
- Added lots of animations
- Added logout button which was missing
- Updated documentation (Step by Step)
- Fixed 30+ bugs & issues

v1.0.0– 7 February 2020

- Initial Release

News Hour – Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel
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News Hour – Flutter News App for Android & iOS with Admin Panel
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