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Theaterify – Movie Flutter App with GetX
Codecanyon Flutter Template with Direct download Link.

Theaterify – Movie Flutter App with GetX
Codecanyon Flutter Template for free


Theaterify – Movie Flutter App with GetX

Theaterify – Movie Apps
Movie Apps, for Movie Lover, Trailer, Now Playing & Upcoming Movies

Theaterify Flutter with Robust GetX stateless management.

  1. Content Apps

IntroScreen (Onboarding, IntroPage)
Main Content:
1. Home
– slider is Trending Movie
– categories
– upcoming movie
– popular
– top rated
( At the left top, icon colour lens, for change Dark or Light Mode)

2. Favorite
List of your favorite Movie & TV Show

3. TV Show
List of TV Show

4. Account
Sign up and Login Template only

5. Setting
App version

All features is running well, except account page is a template.
Made by Flutter Framework, work both Android & iOS

1. Awesome Template Made By Flutter
2. Movie & TV Show, integrated with API
3. Lite, smooth and awesome Apps
4. Work well both of Android and iOS
5. Trending, Now Playing, Upcoming, Top Rated Movie
6. Account & Setting Template

1. Visual Studio Code
2. Android SDK
3. Xcode iOS
4. Flutter Framework

  1. Getting Started
    This project is a starting point for a Flutter application.
    A few resources to get you started if this is your first Flutter project:
    – [Lab: Write your first Flutter app](
    For help getting started with Flutter, view our
[online documentation](,
    which offers tutorials,
samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full

    API reference.

Framework Flutter

  1. API integrated with
    Free Registration:

    Get your API KEY (API Version 3)

    Replace config API KEY  (File lib/util/api_client.dart—line 11)

Run command:

flutter pub get

flutter clean

flutter run

Work both Android & iOS 

Read documentation 

Email support [email protected]

Theaterify – Movie Flutter App with GetX
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Theaterify – Movie Flutter App with GetX
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